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Rockabilly Wedding Cakes, Part 8

Wedding Cake Inspiration- Rockabilly Style!

It’s been a while but I’m back sharing some of my favorite Rockabilly Wedding cakes.  There are so many beautiful and inspiring cakes it’s always difficult to pick which ones to share.  Today’s cakes make up a variety of Rockabilly and Psychobilly fun colors and themes, with a mixture of polka dots, leopard, tattoo flash, cherries, Vegas, pinups, and skulls!

Polkadots and Cherries cake

Rockabilly wedding cake

by Laura barton

rockabilly polkadot theme wedding cake

Black and white wedding cake

by Cotton & Crumbs

Pink and White polkadot wedding cake

by bubolinkata on flickr

Rockabilly Tattoo wedding cake

Psychobilly wedding cake

Sailor jerry pinup wedding cake

by Jen’s Cakery on flickr

Cirque wedding cake

Red polka dot wedding cake

by Sue Ann’s Bakery on flickr

rockabilly wedding cupcakes

vegas wedding cake


Rockabilly Wedding Cakes, Part 7

Various Lovely Vintage Ispired Wedding Cakes!

I discovered the wedding Blog  Rock-n-Roll Bride  a couple years ago and it was love at first sight.  I have spent many many hours looking through pages of Rockabilly and Vintage inspired weddings, and will spend many more.  It is so exciting to me to see weddings so non-traditional, fun,  and just freaking awesome!  Anyone wanting an all out crazy fun Rockabilly wedding or elegant Vintage wedding would benefit greatly from visiting  Rock-n-Roll Bride.  This time I decided to share Rockabilly and Vintage theme wedding cakes from weddings shared on  Rock-n-Roll Bride

Rockabilly Wedding Cake

Rockabilly wedding cake with polkadots and sparrows

Drew and Gwenda’s Wedding

Vintage theme wedding cake

Ben and Joslyn wedding

Rockabilly theme wedding cake

Nautical tattoo inspired wedding cake

Tattoo Britannia wedding

Marie Antoinette Vintage inspired wedding cake

Marie Antoinette Vintage inspired wedding

 fun rockabilly wedding cake

Layla and Dan’s Festival wedding

Burlesque wedding cake

Glamorous Phillipines wedding

Rockabilly inspired wedding cake

Horses, Rainbow-bright, & tattoo insipired wedding

Rockabilly flamingo wedding cake

Flamingo inspired wedding

Alice in Wonderland Vintage wedding cake

Nic and Ed’s Vintage Alice in Wonderland themed wedding

Circus theme Rockabilly wedding cake

Vintage Circus theme wedding

Vintage musical inspired wedding cake

Broadway Musical wedding

50's wedding theme cupcakes

50’s inspired wedding

teal and pink vintage wedding cake

Teal and Pink Vintage wedding

Vintage kitsch wedding cake

Vintage Kitsch wedding

rockabilly zombie wedding cake

Rockabilly zombie theme wedding cake

Rockabilly, Zombie theme wedding

Thank you:  Rock-n-Roll Bride for your wonderful Blog, all the couples that have generously shared their weddings, and the fabulous photographers that made it possible!

Rockabilly Wedding Cakes, Part 5

Cakes for all types of Rockabilly Weddings!

Rockabilly weddings can have many style and color variations, as well as themes within the Rockabilly style.  Some fun Rockabilly wedding themes have cakes to match, cakes with- polka dots,  ginham, casino, poker, vegas, tiki, cherries, candy, carnival, tattoo flash, 1950’s diner, music, Dia de los Muertos, animal print, stripes, and more simple variations of just the theme colors.

cherry and polka dot rockabilly wedding cake

Erica Obrien Cake Design on

dice rockabilly wedding cake

gingham and polka dot rockabilly wedding cake

candy theme rockabilly wedding cake

rockabilly wedding cake

black and red rockabilly wedding cake

tiki theme rockabilly wedding cake

poker theme rockabilly wedding cake

cherries rockabilly wedding cake

by ok sugar

striped rockabilly wedding cake

tattoo flash rockabilly wedding cake

black and white rockabilly wedding cake

gingham rockabilly wedding cake

The Little Village Cake Company

jail house rock rockabilly wedding cake

by Jacy Cakes, on

carnival rockabilly wedding cake

candy theme rockabilly wedding cake

I appologize if any of the text and sources are not very visible, WordPress has been less than good for me lately and for some reason my blogs don’t post the same as the drafts, quite frustrating but I’m working on fixing it!

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