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It’s a Big Hair & Beetlejuice kind of day!

Aqua Net & Koffin Kats!

I’ve been pretty lazy about doing my hair lately, mostly because my headaches have been so bad I just haven’t felt like doing anything with it… and because my wild curls have a life of their own- BUT, since I’ve got my car (1957 Savoy) back on the road I’m feeling more motivated to look the part! So today I got out the Aqua Net, put on Koffin Kats, and ratted and teased a beehive inspired do, then added the Bettlejuice hair clips I love so much (from Karloff Kouture on Etsy)!  And here is the result of today’s, Rockabilly/Psychobilly- or should I just say- Rockabelle Hairstyle! 

 Maybe I should show up early to pick up my son from school today, just to embarrass him- he’s always saying “Mom, do you have to do your hair like that, everyone is staring at you.”  They may stare or think I’m weird, but all the girls say how much they love it! (Besides, I’m not one to care if others don’t like it!)

Big retro hair

rockabilly hair

Beetlejuice hair clips

Beetlejuice hair bow

Beetlejuice Lydia hair bow


Rockabilly and Psychobilly Tops by Psychodoll Clothing!

Super Cute & Super Affordable 1950’s Inspired Halter Tops!

As many may know- I LOVE ETSY!  Mostly because it is the best location to find such a varitety of Rockabilly and Vintage clothing and accessories, and in so many styles, colors, designs, and sizes!  Don’t get me wrong- there are plenty of brands not on Etsy I love also, but I also like that Etsy is full of Vintage collecting, wearing, loving, and DIYing people-  handmaking, upcycling, and treasure hunting to by and sell what they love!  With all that said I wanted to share one of my latest Rockabilly store discoveries that I am in love with.  The fit is one of my favorite, and the tops have a wonderful 50’s meets Burlesque vibe with modern Rockabilly and Psychobilly fabrics! These are some of my personal favorites by Psychodoll Clothing!

Psychodoll Clothing

Polka dot halter top

Cherry Halter Top

Black and White Gingham Halter top

Red and white polkadot halter top

Black and White Striped Halter Top

Black and white Polka dot Top

Social Distortion cherry top

Social Distortion and Cherries Tube Top

Nekromantix top

De Tiki Purses!

Wood Purses with Tiki Designs & More!

Talk about crazy cool- these purses are seriously unique!  I came across these by accident and was instantly amazed- how fun and creative it would be to design and make these.  These  De Tiki  purses would definitely be an attention getter at a car show or any other Rockabilly event!

De Tiki 

Rockabilly Tiki purse

wood tiki purse

vintage trailer purse

wood retro rockabilly purse

wood psychobilly purse

ladybug purse

DeTiki Rockabilly purse

rockabilly tiki purse

web coffin psychobilly purse

DeTiki leopard rockabilly coffin purse

psychobilly coffin purse

Rockabilly Purses!

Retro Redone

Retro purses

Starbursts, martini glasses, cherries, diamonds, boomerangs, and sparkly vinyl all scream RETRO. Put these retro designs on a purse  or clutch and you have one of fabulous creations by Retro Redone– the perfect accessory for any Rockabilly Belle!  I absolutely LOVE these purses, so much so that I just may have to get one in every color of clothing I own so that I have one to go with EVERYTHING!!  Check out all the  Retro Redone  colors and designs by clicking on the name, or check them out later through Etsy! Here are a few teasers for now…

retro purse

rockabilly cherry purse

rockabilly nautical purse

green rockabilly retro purse

rockabilly sparkly vinyl purse

cherry rockabilly purse

rockabilly starburst purse

rockabilly vinyl purse

rockabilly psychobilly spiderweb purse

red and white vinyl rockabilly purse

rockabelle rockabilly purse

Rockabilly Wedding Cakes!- Part 1

 A few years ago when I started looking for Rockabilly cake ideas it was hard to find any- now that our Rockabilly Kulture is expanding beyond car shows and our clothing, and thanks to great websites and photo sharing sites like flickr, there are many more Rockabilly cakes to draw inspiration from for your own wedding.  I have found so many I will have to split them up into different posts of different styles within the Rockabilly Kulture: Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Dia de los Muertos, Burlesque, and Traditional Vintage/Retro.  There are so many great themes to get ideas from,  from red and black cakes to Elvis and Rock’n’Roll cakes, tattoo flash to pinups, leopard, zebra, polka dots, guitars, record players, skulls, spider webs, poker chips, dice, cards, classic cars, corsets, zombies, and everything in between.  I love these cakes and enjoy sharing them!

Rockabilly Cake 1

Rockabilly Cake 2

Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- charley’sbakery

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 2

flickr- the cake conspiracy

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 3

flickr- gilly swift

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 4

flickr- waynesworld_az

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 5

flickr- bearheartbaking

Guitar Rockabilly Wedding Cake

Record Player Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- Rweddingcake

Tiki Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- Little Chef

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 6

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 6

flickr- smashly!

Sailor Jerry Pinup Wedding Cake

flickr- tineypicsoftineysbakery

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 7

flickr- divajaimz

Vegas Style!

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- cupidcupcakery

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 2

flickr- gimme some sugar (vegas!)

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 3

flickr- cakes-by-kerry

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- kelannfuller

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 5

flickr- SwedishCakes(linda)

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 6

flickr- maggieannawatson


Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- cakes by lea

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 2

flickr- Dick Phillips

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 3

flickr- DesignableDreams-CakeEdition

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 4

flickr- southernseason

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 5

flickr- missjanegen

Cake Toppers!

Classic Car Rockabilly Cake topper

flickr- cacamilis

Classic Car Rockabilly Cake Topper

flickr- Leah’sCakes

Classic Car Rockabilly Wedding Topper 2

flickr- purpleflours

Rockabilly Cake Topper

flickr- KarlyWest_CakeTopper

Rockabilly Cake Topper

flickr- sewsew-a-gogo

Rockabilly Dresses

Ticci Rockabilly Does it Again!

   Once again  TicciRockabilly  has made some of the cutest dresses the Rockabilly world has to offer! My favorite is the Night Cherry dress but I love all of them, even the Spider dress for those days I’m feeling a little more sassy and rebellous and want to look more on the Psychobilly side! Check the store out on Etsy, and don’t miss their great Rockabilly Maternity selections also!! 

Rockabilly Dress

Pshycobilly Dress

Military Rockabilly Dress

full Rockabilly Bowling Skirt

Devil Doll

One Bad Ass Rockabilly Chick! 

     Devil Doll singer Colleen Duffy has been rockin Rockabilly hits since she was 6 years old and impersonating Elvis for everyone in her neighborhood. She heard he had a daughter and, at her young age, convinced herself it was her until she learned the truth in second grade! Born and raised in Cleveland, she started her band Devil Doll  and Rockability, a rockabilly/psychobilly radio show, in 1990. The radio show was a hit and she was titled the first female rockabilly/psychobilly D.J. in the U.S.     In 1995  Devil Doll  moved to New York and became even more successful.  They now reside in Los Angeles and Devil Doll performs all over the U.S. and many places outside the U.S., from the House of Blues to Viva Las Vegas in Las Vegas. The first Devil Doll Album was titled “Queen of Pain” and the newer album is titled “The Return of Eve”. If you love Rockabilly then you will LOVE Devil Doll (if you don’t already)! I highly recommend previewing their music on You Tube, like some of my favorites- The Curse (…Stay away from MY man!), Liquor Store, and Sexy. Go to the Devil Doll website to check in on show dates and locations and to get all her songs.

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