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Very Cherry! Part 2

Now to See if Today I can share the Cherry Photos that were Missing Yesterday…..

Cherry Bread Box


Starting the New Year Very Cherry!

Vintage, Retro, Cherries & More…

I have been busy with so many things- kids, crafts, all my DIY projects, starting businesses, vintage hunting, & more… and as the new year starts I am finally getting one of my projects going. I started out vintage “treasure” hunting for myself and along the way I realized how many others love Vintage, Rockabilly, and Retro “treasures”.  It has taken longer to share the things I’ve collected than I had planned because I got a snazzy camera that I have no idea how to do snazzy photography with, am so not a web designer, and things just seem to take longer than anticipated…BUT I am happy to finally get it going, even if it is just starting with Ebay (and I will work on dramatically improving my photography and web designing skills while I also work on getting my other projects up and going)!  I’m having fun listing and shipping, just 2 days into it and thought I would share some of the first group of “treasures” I have listed…

Verry Cherry…

Cherry Bread Box

Retro Boomerang Ashtray

Rockabilly Style Bowling Ball dish

Retro Tea Cup and Saucers

Vintage Strawberries Serving Dish

Retro Nut Grinder

Vintage Crystal Decanter

Vintage Crystal Apothecary Jar

Vintage planters peanut jar

Vintage GE Hair Setter

Vintage Retro Hair Setter Set

Vintage Genuine Wireless Ice Bag

Polka dots, Gingham, and Cherries!

Just a Little DIY Skirt!

My favorite Rockabilly designs are polka dots, gingham, and cherries. The other day I was playing around with some of these fabrics and ended up making my daughter a little ruffle skirt with them. The top is just thick white elastic with red velvet sewn around it. Very simple, no pattern- just a few ruffles sewn to a black and white polka dot piece of fabric, then sewn to the covered elastic piece- but she loved it and was all too happy to model it for me!

DIY rockabilly skirt

My (barely) 5 yr old model!

DIY polka dot skirt and DIY bench

My baby posing in her polka dot and gingham skirt on the DIY bench I designed and made!

DIY rockabilly skirt

 Jenicca happily pointing to her skirt!

DIY rockabilly style

Happy DIYing!

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