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Golden State Classics Car Show

Cruise Night, Paso Robles CA

Friday night was the Cruise night for the Golden State Classics Car Show.  A friend and I took our kids and went the 6 blocks down the street from my house to get curb side seats.  It’s funny to me that my 6 yr old daughter already shares my love of Classics… she saw a purple hot rod drive past us earlier that day and got so exited, “A hot rod, I LOVE hot rods!!”  My favorite car of the night has to be the car in the first photo- because there is just something super sexy and exciting about big loud engines and flame throwers (which unfortunately I didn’t capture in any of the pics).  Classics from the 1950’s are more my style, but there were some pretty hot beefy sounding muscle cars also.  And just for fun, I even threw in the pic of the fixed up Pinto!!  I had 2 friends cruisin’ their classics, and a few friends with awesome rides that didn’t have theirs in the cruise…. we will have to fix that next year and get all of us in on it!  My only disappointment was that I didn’t get my car down there, but I will be starting on my painting prep this week and by next year my “Pink” 1957 Plymouth Savoy will definitely be a part of our local Cruise Night (and many others too I hope).  I was happy, yet disappointed, to see there was not one other Plymouth Savoy, Fury, or Belvedere (no “Christine’s”)– disappointed because they’re just plain awesome to look at (especially the year I have with the big tail fins), but happy because mine will stand out that much more when I do get in Cruise Nights and Car Shows!  Hope you enjoy some of the cars from this years Golden State Classics Car Show Cruise Night…

Hot rod with flame throwers





































…and the Pinto……..



Finally Got My First Classic Car!!

My 1957 Plymouth Savoy

I’ve had my eye on this ’57 Savoy for months now, but had to wait until I had all the cash so I wasn’t sure if it was going to be available by then- BUT I claimed it in my mind and called it “mine”!  It has the big tail fins and style I love, the ’57’s are my favorite car year of all time,  AND Savoy is my grandma’s maiden name so I have many relatives with the last name (so the car is even more special to me because of that).  I kept saying it was meant to be………… and now it’s MINE!!

My plans for my Savoy:  I’m going to paint it flat/satin black, the top a shiny red, and have my good friend Bear of Nukesville Kustoms pinstripe it shiny black and red and paint a kustom vintage pinup somewhere (not sure where yet), with the name I give my car over or near the pinup.  Now to name my car… I’ve been teetering  between “Bad Bitch” and “Sancho” (since I’m so in love with it)!  BUT- I have time before that will happen so I may come up with something else, and am open to any ideas anyone else wants to throw out there!

1957 Plymouth Savoy

The Ultimate Rockabilly Stroller!

Custom Pedal Car Strollers

There is NO better Rockabilly accessory for kids than a custom pedal car stroller, especially at a car show. Push or pull your kids around car shows in their own classic car or hot rod, make it match your own classic  or the one you wish you had.  If you know someone that works on classic cars or hot rods, they can probably help you make your pedal car the ultimate stroller. If you don’t know anyone personally you can still go to any classic car/hot rod shops in your area and ask them if they could do it. There are also shops online where you can purchase one these sweet kid rides. Always check the big online market places like Ebay, Etsy, oodle, ioffer, thefind, blujay, and craigslist, or go straight to one of these online pro’s and have your pedal car customized exactly the way you want it: Jerico Golf Carts, Eddies Paint Works, and Pedal Car Plus.

Classic Car and Hot Rod Strollers

rockabilly stroller

pic from

pedal car stroller with real flames

Real Flames!

pic from


hot rod stroller

pic from

custom hot rod stroller

pic from

custom merc pedal car stroller

pic from

rockabilly hot rod stroller

pic by charles parina photography

rockabilly strollers

pic from

rockabilly kulture

rockabilly pedal car stroller

pic from

custom classic car stroller

pic from

custom pedal car stroller

pic from

custom pedal car stroller

pic from

custom pedal car stroller

pic from

classic car stroller

pic from

custom pedal car stroller

  pic from

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