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It’s a Big Hair & Beetlejuice kind of day!

Aqua Net & Koffin Kats!

I’ve been pretty lazy about doing my hair lately, mostly because my headaches have been so bad I just haven’t felt like doing anything with it… and because my wild curls have a life of their own- BUT, since I’ve got my car (1957 Savoy) back on the road I’m feeling more motivated to look the part! So today I got out the Aqua Net, put on Koffin Kats, and ratted and teased a beehive inspired do, then added the Bettlejuice hair clips I love so much (from Karloff Kouture on Etsy)!  And here is the result of today’s, Rockabilly/Psychobilly- or should I just say- Rockabelle Hairstyle! 

 Maybe I should show up early to pick up my son from school today, just to embarrass him- he’s always saying “Mom, do you have to do your hair like that, everyone is staring at you.”  They may stare or think I’m weird, but all the girls say how much they love it! (Besides, I’m not one to care if others don’t like it!)

Big retro hair

rockabilly hair

Beetlejuice hair clips

Beetlejuice hair bow

Beetlejuice Lydia hair bow


Rockabilly Wedding Cakes, Part 8

Wedding Cake Inspiration- Rockabilly Style!

It’s been a while but I’m back sharing some of my favorite Rockabilly Wedding cakes.  There are so many beautiful and inspiring cakes it’s always difficult to pick which ones to share.  Today’s cakes make up a variety of Rockabilly and Psychobilly fun colors and themes, with a mixture of polka dots, leopard, tattoo flash, cherries, Vegas, pinups, and skulls!

Polkadots and Cherries cake

Rockabilly wedding cake

by Laura barton

rockabilly polkadot theme wedding cake

Black and white wedding cake

by Cotton & Crumbs

Pink and White polkadot wedding cake

by bubolinkata on flickr

Rockabilly Tattoo wedding cake

Psychobilly wedding cake

Sailor jerry pinup wedding cake

by Jen’s Cakery on flickr

Cirque wedding cake

Red polka dot wedding cake

by Sue Ann’s Bakery on flickr

rockabilly wedding cupcakes

vegas wedding cake

Rockabilly and Psychobilly Tops by Psychodoll Clothing!

Super Cute & Super Affordable 1950’s Inspired Halter Tops!

As many may know- I LOVE ETSY!  Mostly because it is the best location to find such a varitety of Rockabilly and Vintage clothing and accessories, and in so many styles, colors, designs, and sizes!  Don’t get me wrong- there are plenty of brands not on Etsy I love also, but I also like that Etsy is full of Vintage collecting, wearing, loving, and DIYing people-  handmaking, upcycling, and treasure hunting to by and sell what they love!  With all that said I wanted to share one of my latest Rockabilly store discoveries that I am in love with.  The fit is one of my favorite, and the tops have a wonderful 50’s meets Burlesque vibe with modern Rockabilly and Psychobilly fabrics! These are some of my personal favorites by Psychodoll Clothing!

Psychodoll Clothing

Polka dot halter top

Cherry Halter Top

Black and White Gingham Halter top

Red and white polkadot halter top

Black and White Striped Halter Top

Black and white Polka dot Top

Social Distortion cherry top

Social Distortion and Cherries Tube Top

Nekromantix top

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