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It’s a Big Hair & Beetlejuice kind of day!

Aqua Net & Koffin Kats!

I’ve been pretty lazy about doing my hair lately, mostly because my headaches have been so bad I just haven’t felt like doing anything with it… and because my wild curls have a life of their own- BUT, since I’ve got my car (1957 Savoy) back on the road I’m feeling more motivated to look the part! So today I got out the Aqua Net, put on Koffin Kats, and ratted and teased a beehive inspired do, then added the Bettlejuice hair clips I love so much (from Karloff Kouture on Etsy)!  And here is the result of today’s, Rockabilly/Psychobilly- or should I just say- Rockabelle Hairstyle! 

 Maybe I should show up early to pick up my son from school today, just to embarrass him- he’s always saying “Mom, do you have to do your hair like that, everyone is staring at you.”  They may stare or think I’m weird, but all the girls say how much they love it! (Besides, I’m not one to care if others don’t like it!)

Big retro hair

rockabilly hair

Beetlejuice hair clips

Beetlejuice hair bow

Beetlejuice Lydia hair bow

Rockabilly Belle Hair Accessories, Cute & Creepy!

Red, White & Blue Rockabilly Independence Style!

Cute & Creepy  makes rockin hair accessories for Rockabilly belles, from Rosie Riveter to Zombies, and in honor of the 4th of July I am sharing only red, white, and blue hair accessories.  I have several  Cute & Creepy  Rockabilly hair bows and flowers myself and I love them! To see more  Cute & Creepy  styles and colors, click on the store name!

rockabilly pabst hair flower

gingham zombie rockabilly hair bow

dead stripe rockabilly hair bow

cute and creepy mustache hair bow

rockabilly skullerfly hair clip

rosie riveter rockabilly hair bow

samuel adams zombie rockabilly hair bow

stewed screwed and tattooed rockabilly hair bow

nautical rockabilly hair bows

rockabilly lover skulls hair flower

retro rocket hair bow

rockabilly sparrow hair bow

poison rockabilly hair bow

rockabilly style anchor hair bow

red heart rockabilly hair flower

rockabilly polka dot pabst hair bow

fly on gingham rockabilly hair bow

cute and creepy sailors beware hair bow

rockabilly polka dots and sparrow hair bow

Rockabilly Hairstyles!

Victory Rolls and Bright Colors

and everything in between!

When it comes to hair I believe “bigger is better”!  I love vintage and Rockabilly hairstyles, especially in bright colors. Unfortunately my naturally curly hair gets fried super easily, so the more I color it and use blow dryers and curling irons to style it- the more fried it gets… so I have come up with a “cheater” way of doing my victory rolls where I just twist my hair into a roll and pin it in place. Bobby pins are THE KEY- and I can’t leave out the importance of hairspray, especially since my hair is fried into multi-layers and half would stick out or fall out without it! When I want my victory rolls to look really good and big I use a large curling iron. Using curlers on wet hair, until it dries, is the best way to get the curl to stay in shape- your hair will NOT go limp with wet to dry curlers like it will with hot curlers or a curling iron!! But once again… because my hair is fried into multi-layers, it doesn’t all stay in the curlers and it takes so long to dry it is usually still wet the next morning (regardless of the type of curler).  All that said- I refuse to give up on fabulous styles like these, I just may have to put in extra time and effort to achieve the hairstyles these rockabilly beauties have! 

rockabilly hair

blue victory rolls

red rockabilly hair

vintage rockabilly hairstyle


rockabilly hairstyle with bandana

pink rockabilly hair

hot pink rockabilly hair

aqua victory rolls

large victory rolls

red and white pinup hairstyle    black and white rockabilly hair                  

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