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One Man’s Trash is Another (Wo)man’s Nostalgic Treasure!

1950’s Pink & White Formica Table

I have been drooling over some incredibly awesome 1950’s Formica tables I’ve come across on Pinterest and searching the local thrift shops and garage sales looking for such a vintage gem- but have had no such luck… that is until my walk to the post office last week!  I love to go for walks and since the Post Office is only 4 blocks from my house, I walk there often. Last week on one of those walks I happened to walk by this old house and saw a pile of Trash they had stacked in the dirt outside their shed next to the street. Yes, I can be nosy- and yes,  my DIY obsession may cause me to glance at people’s trash more than the average person, but I had no intention of digging through this pile of trash. I was just about past it when the silver trim of a 1950’s Formica table top caught my eye and I about jumped out of my jogging shoes with excitement! You mean to tell me all my searching and wanting to “buy” a retro Formica table was unsuccessful and I just happened to find a free one by chance- HOT DAMN!! I was (and still am) over the moon excited! I went back later with the car and picked it up. And after removing all the layers of spider webs and dirt- I am happy to share my pink and white 1950’s Formica table (top)!!  Now I just need to find a table base to put it on!


I found new round chrome table legs on Ebay (looked for originals but had no luck).  So when they arrived I flipped the table over, removed the old brackets and screws, cleaned it, screwed the new brackets on by hand (took forever that way, sucks when you’re impatient and your drill’s battery is dead), and attached the new legs…..  and my retro beauty is reborn!!! I am so happy with it, love my formica table!

table3 1950s formica table

formica table

chrome formica table

formica table



1950’s Icon Nightstand

 Vintage Nightstand + Chalk Paint + 50’s Icons = AWESOMENESS!


A friend of mine has done some work on my 57 Savoy and never asks for anything in return. I knew I wanted to do something for him and his wife, and since they are also huge fans of the Fabulous 50’s, and our likes are so similar,  I set out to find a vintage piece I could upcycle Rockabilly style!

I saw a cute end table he got for his wife when he posted the pictures on Facebook, then some antique cabinets that had belonged to his grandma that he commented on saying he was trying to decide on a color to paint them.  I found an adorable vintage nightstand with a lot of potential- it was exactly the type of vintage piece I was hoping to find, now I just had the important task of picking a color that would match their other furniture. So the next time I saw him as we were picking up our kids from school, I asked him if he decided what color to paint those antique cabine. I  he got, and he said he wants to go with a teal chalk paint.  I remembered the end table in his Fb pictures was done in the teal chalk paint so I went to his pictures and saved the image of it to my phone so I could compare it to the Annie Sloan chalk paint colors when I went to order it, to make sure I got the right color.

 While I waited for the paint to arrive I went on my Rockabilly Legends board and my Starlets board on Pinterest and saved a bunch of awesome images of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean to my computer.  I printed them onto card stock paper and cut them out. When the chalk paint arrived I went to town! I did a few coats to get it to look how I wanted, waited for it to be completely dry, then put on the Annie Sloan clear wax. The next day I mod podged the top of the nightstand with the 50’s icon pictures- which took a while to get them to fit, and cut some, and move some…  Then did the same for the bottom shelf the next day.  The day after that I did one more good thick layer of mod podge. The last thing I needed to do was find a handle to put on it. I went to the antique store and to my luck there happened to be one I thought would go perfectly with the vintage nightstand.  I wanted the handle to stand out, and to go with the black and white images of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Cash,  and James Dean- so I painted it black satin. Of coarse none of the screws I had fit!  So the last thing I did was go to the hardware store and get some…and….done!!  

I brought it by their house while they were at work and left it by the front door.  Then text him to let him know I made something for them and left it by the door.  I was SO happy and relieved when his wife called and told me she loved it!

vintage nightstand

Vintage upcycled nightstand

50's icon nightstand

vintage nightstand

DIY Rockabilly nightstand

vintage nightstand before upcycling

DIY 50's Icon table

Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Cash, & James Dean table nightstand

mod podged 50's icon nightstand

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint upcycled nightstand

Vintage Wanderlust!

Travel Retro Style!

I love vintage/retro trailers! I’ve been searching and waiting for the perfect retro trailer to come my way.  Retro trailers are the perfect accessory for the Rockabilly Kulture and lifestyle,  and there are so many I would love to have- I will probably end up with a collection, but my FAVORITE has to be the 1963 Shasta!  Shasta’s have the little retro wings on the back, which makes them extra appealing and extra retro.  The first time I saw an old vintage trailer with the retro paint job and the rounded back end- my eyes bugged out of my head and I gasped with excitement, it was love at first site!  Of coarse pink is my favorite, but red comes in close 2nd, and I like the pastel blues…. so like I said- I will probably end up with a large collection.  I personally prefer to have buy a retro trailer that needs to be restored on the inside because I have to have it furnished and decorated “my retro way”, and when I find that special one that is “meant to be” my FIRST I will post the pictures and share all the before and after pictures.  I can’t wait to have my little vintage, retro decorated trailer and join one of the vintage trailer groups (like “Sisters on the Fly”)  and go on group campouts and travel to the annual vintage trailer rally’s- so fun!  For those of you interested in buying on of these retro gems, some of the sites I go to (besides Craigslist) are:,,, (does restorations also), (does restorations also).  Here are a few links to groups of vintage trailer loving people with serious wanderlust, vintage trailer associations and traveling/camping events and info: (Southwest Vintage Camper Association), (women’s group, Northern California),, &

My Favorites (so far)!

1963 Shasta

1953 Shasta retro trailer

1965 Viscount

retro vintage trailer

 Various Vintage Trailers:

1966 Cardinal- Atomic Style

1966 Cardinal retro trailer

1966 Cardinal vintage trailer    1966 Cardinal travel trailer

1961 Fireball

1961 Fireball

1961 Fireball Trailer

    1961 Fireball vintage trailer

1955 Rainbow Canned Ham

1955 Rainbow Canned Ham

1955 Rainbow travel trailer

1955 Rainbow Canned Ham

55 rainbow trailer     1955 rainbow vintage trailer

1959 Cardinal

1959 Cardinal

1955 Cardinal Travel Trailer

    1959 Cardinal Trailer

1965 Aloha

1965 Aloha retro trailer

1965 Aloha vintage trailer

65 aloha trailer inside    65 aloha trailer inside

1946 Alma

1946 Alma vintage trailer

1946 Alma retro trailer

inside 1946 Alma vintage trailer    1946 Alma travel trailer

1955 Serro Scotty

1955 Serro Scotty retro trailer

1955 serro scotty retro trailer    1955 Serro Scotty vintage trailer

1950’S Advertisements!

I wanted to see what ads looked like in the 1950’s to get retro ideas for a website and I was surprised by the humor and content of the ads from the 40’s-60’s.  A baby or a dentist would never be used to advertise cigarettes now, because we understand the harmful effects of smoking more now- and because there are numerous groups and organizations that would have a major conniption and probably sue the company.  1950’s humor was apparently very different, very bold, and very sexist;  these days people have to be so sensitive about what they can use and say in advertising, which was not so much the case back in the fabulous 50’s! 

1950s cigarette ad


1950s movie poster

1950s advertisement

1950s ad 4

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