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Rockabilly Wedding Cakes!- Part 1

 A few years ago when I started looking for Rockabilly cake ideas it was hard to find any- now that our Rockabilly Kulture is expanding beyond car shows and our clothing, and thanks to great websites and photo sharing sites like flickr, there are many more Rockabilly cakes to draw inspiration from for your own wedding.  I have found so many I will have to split them up into different posts of different styles within the Rockabilly Kulture: Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Dia de los Muertos, Burlesque, and Traditional Vintage/Retro.  There are so many great themes to get ideas from,  from red and black cakes to Elvis and Rock’n’Roll cakes, tattoo flash to pinups, leopard, zebra, polka dots, guitars, record players, skulls, spider webs, poker chips, dice, cards, classic cars, corsets, zombies, and everything in between.  I love these cakes and enjoy sharing them!

Rockabilly Cake 1

Rockabilly Cake 2

Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- charley’sbakery

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 2

flickr- the cake conspiracy

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 3

flickr- gilly swift

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 4

flickr- waynesworld_az

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 5

flickr- bearheartbaking

Guitar Rockabilly Wedding Cake

Record Player Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- Rweddingcake

Tiki Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- Little Chef

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 6

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 6

flickr- smashly!

Sailor Jerry Pinup Wedding Cake

flickr- tineypicsoftineysbakery

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 7

flickr- divajaimz

Vegas Style!

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- cupidcupcakery

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 2

flickr- gimme some sugar (vegas!)

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 3

flickr- cakes-by-kerry

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- kelannfuller

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 5

flickr- SwedishCakes(linda)

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 6

flickr- maggieannawatson


Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- cakes by lea

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 2

flickr- Dick Phillips

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 3

flickr- DesignableDreams-CakeEdition

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 4

flickr- southernseason

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 5

flickr- missjanegen

Cake Toppers!

Classic Car Rockabilly Cake topper

flickr- cacamilis

Classic Car Rockabilly Cake Topper

flickr- Leah’sCakes

Classic Car Rockabilly Wedding Topper 2

flickr- purpleflours

Rockabilly Cake Topper

flickr- KarlyWest_CakeTopper

Rockabilly Cake Topper

flickr- sewsew-a-gogo


Favorite Classics of Viva Las Vegas 15

I Can Never Get Enough!

Ok- so maybe my life will never be an Elvis musical and maybe I will never go back in time and experience the 50’s like I dreamed of doing when I was a kid- but I will continue to day dream and experience as much of those “Happy Days” as I can through car shows and Rockabilly events like Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.  I love the feeling of being surrounded by colored victory rolls and Betty Page bangs, greasers and pompadors, tattoos and pinstriping, bandanas and parasols, swing dresses and petticoats, Rockabilly music, and of coarse– the classic cars!  There is something so emotionally seductive about the classic cars- the curves, the sharp edges of tail fins, the shape of the lights, the big shinny grilles, the moldings, the emblems, the white wall tires, the bigger engines, the huge trunks, and the beautiful large steering wheels….  There is something so magnetic and wonderful about classic cars, maybe because they bring up feelings of more simple and happy times, or because they represent an iconic and exciting era? Regardless of the reasons for the exciting effect they have- I can never get enough of the classic cars these big events bring! Here are some of the many great classics from this year’s Viva Las Vegas, Rockabilly Weekend:

Theme Car

Rockabilly Classic

Pinstriped Classic Car

Rockabilly weekend

1949 Mercury

Classic Mercury

Viva Las Vegas Classic Car

Rockabilly Weekend 2

Rockabilly Classic

Rockabilly Car

Rockabilly Classic Pontiac

Rockabilly Weekend 3

Rockabilly style classic


The BEST for last- the Pink classics!

pink convertable classic

Elvis 2 pink cadillac

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