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Nukesville Kustoms

More Pinstriping!

Pinstriping is another love of mine.  I would be happy with pinstripes on just about everything- from my car to my shoes, to my furniture.  I keep tethering between painting my 1957 Savoy black satin, with a red top, and shiny red and black pin stripes (I especially love red spider web pinstripes on flat/satin black!)… or pink.  I think I have decided on going pink for this car because it is my first classic and I want it to be a total “SHE” ride!!  BUT, since I plan on having more classics in the future, I will absolutely have one painted black satin with pinstripes.  I am lucky enough to have a good friend that is a pinstriper and fellow Kustom Kulture, Rockabilly lover- Bear, of Nukesville Kustoms.  I get to see his work often and I love it!  To see more Nukesville Kustoms pinstriping you can check out my previous post ‎  or find him on Facebook- Nukesville Kustoms by Bear


Nukesville Kustoms

Nukesville Kustoms

Nukesville Kustoms Pinstriping

pinstriping by nukesville kustoms

nukesville kustoms

spider web pinstriping

Pinstriping by Nukesville Kustoms

pinstriped wall art 

Nukesville Kustoms Pinstriping


Finally Got My First Classic Car!!

My 1957 Plymouth Savoy

I’ve had my eye on this ’57 Savoy for months now, but had to wait until I had all the cash so I wasn’t sure if it was going to be available by then- BUT I claimed it in my mind and called it “mine”!  It has the big tail fins and style I love, the ’57’s are my favorite car year of all time,  AND Savoy is my grandma’s maiden name so I have many relatives with the last name (so the car is even more special to me because of that).  I kept saying it was meant to be………… and now it’s MINE!!

My plans for my Savoy:  I’m going to paint it flat/satin black, the top a shiny red, and have my good friend Bear of Nukesville Kustoms pinstripe it shiny black and red and paint a kustom vintage pinup somewhere (not sure where yet), with the name I give my car over or near the pinup.  Now to name my car… I’ve been teetering  between “Bad Bitch” and “Sancho” (since I’m so in love with it)!  BUT- I have time before that will happen so I may come up with something else, and am open to any ideas anyone else wants to throw out there!

1957 Plymouth Savoy

Nukesville Kustoms Pinstriping

Nukesville Kustoms by Bear

Popular in Rockabilly Kulture is the decorative art of pinstriping. Pinstriping can add sexy to flat black or the plain paint job on any vintage car look good, but for myself and others of Rockabilly Kulture, pinstriping can make just about anything look better! My friend Bear is a bad ass pinstriper, he just striped my mailbox and I can’t tell you enough how much I totally freaking love it!!! Bear stripes everything and anything, from hot rods and old caddy’s to high-heels, purses, glassware, canvas, makeup cases, suitcases, chairs, dressers, tables, tv trays, toolboxes and whatever else you could possibly want pinstriped. Bear lives here in Paso Robles, California. Anyone wanting custom pinstriping, or just to follow his work, can find him and talk to him on facebook as “Nukesville Kustoms by Bear”, hope you enjoy his work as much as I do!

First things first: My mailbox!

More Nukesville Kustoms






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