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Vintage Wanderlust!

Travel Retro Style!

I love vintage/retro trailers! I’ve been searching and waiting for the perfect retro trailer to come my way.  Retro trailers are the perfect accessory for the Rockabilly Kulture and lifestyle,  and there are so many I would love to have- I will probably end up with a collection, but my FAVORITE has to be the 1963 Shasta!  Shasta’s have the little retro wings on the back, which makes them extra appealing and extra retro.  The first time I saw an old vintage trailer with the retro paint job and the rounded back end- my eyes bugged out of my head and I gasped with excitement, it was love at first site!  Of coarse pink is my favorite, but red comes in close 2nd, and I like the pastel blues…. so like I said- I will probably end up with a large collection.  I personally prefer to have buy a retro trailer that needs to be restored on the inside because I have to have it furnished and decorated “my retro way”, and when I find that special one that is “meant to be” my FIRST I will post the pictures and share all the before and after pictures.  I can’t wait to have my little vintage, retro decorated trailer and join one of the vintage trailer groups (like “Sisters on the Fly”)  and go on group campouts and travel to the annual vintage trailer rally’s- so fun!  For those of you interested in buying on of these retro gems, some of the sites I go to (besides Craigslist) are:,,, (does restorations also), (does restorations also).  Here are a few links to groups of vintage trailer loving people with serious wanderlust, vintage trailer associations and traveling/camping events and info: (Southwest Vintage Camper Association), (women’s group, Northern California),, &

My Favorites (so far)!

1963 Shasta

1953 Shasta retro trailer

1965 Viscount

retro vintage trailer

 Various Vintage Trailers:

1966 Cardinal- Atomic Style

1966 Cardinal retro trailer

1966 Cardinal vintage trailer    1966 Cardinal travel trailer

1961 Fireball

1961 Fireball

1961 Fireball Trailer

    1961 Fireball vintage trailer

1955 Rainbow Canned Ham

1955 Rainbow Canned Ham

1955 Rainbow travel trailer

1955 Rainbow Canned Ham

55 rainbow trailer     1955 rainbow vintage trailer

1959 Cardinal

1959 Cardinal

1955 Cardinal Travel Trailer

    1959 Cardinal Trailer

1965 Aloha

1965 Aloha retro trailer

1965 Aloha vintage trailer

65 aloha trailer inside    65 aloha trailer inside

1946 Alma

1946 Alma vintage trailer

1946 Alma retro trailer

inside 1946 Alma vintage trailer    1946 Alma travel trailer

1955 Serro Scotty

1955 Serro Scotty retro trailer

1955 serro scotty retro trailer    1955 Serro Scotty vintage trailer


Rockabilly Tattoos! Part 3

Tattoos for Rockabilly Kulture

rockabilly pin up tattoo

rockabilly pinup and juke box tattoo

traditional style pinup tattoo

rockabilly tattoo

nautical girl tattoos

rockabilly nautical tattoo

rockabilly pinup tattoo

rockabilly greaser tattoo

rockabilly corset tattoo

pinup tattoo

rockabilly style tattoo

Rockabilly Wedding Cakes!- Part 1

 A few years ago when I started looking for Rockabilly cake ideas it was hard to find any- now that our Rockabilly Kulture is expanding beyond car shows and our clothing, and thanks to great websites and photo sharing sites like flickr, there are many more Rockabilly cakes to draw inspiration from for your own wedding.  I have found so many I will have to split them up into different posts of different styles within the Rockabilly Kulture: Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Dia de los Muertos, Burlesque, and Traditional Vintage/Retro.  There are so many great themes to get ideas from,  from red and black cakes to Elvis and Rock’n’Roll cakes, tattoo flash to pinups, leopard, zebra, polka dots, guitars, record players, skulls, spider webs, poker chips, dice, cards, classic cars, corsets, zombies, and everything in between.  I love these cakes and enjoy sharing them!

Rockabilly Cake 1

Rockabilly Cake 2

Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- charley’sbakery

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 2

flickr- the cake conspiracy

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 3

flickr- gilly swift

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 4

flickr- waynesworld_az

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 5

flickr- bearheartbaking

Guitar Rockabilly Wedding Cake

Record Player Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- Rweddingcake

Tiki Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- Little Chef

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 6

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 6

flickr- smashly!

Sailor Jerry Pinup Wedding Cake

flickr- tineypicsoftineysbakery

Rockabilly Wedding Cake 7

flickr- divajaimz

Vegas Style!

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- cupidcupcakery

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 2

flickr- gimme some sugar (vegas!)

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 3

flickr- cakes-by-kerry

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- kelannfuller

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 5

flickr- SwedishCakes(linda)

Vegas Rockabilly Wedding Cake 6

flickr- maggieannawatson


Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake

flickr- cakes by lea

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 2

flickr- Dick Phillips

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 3

flickr- DesignableDreams-CakeEdition

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 4

flickr- southernseason

Elvis Rockabilly Wedding Cake 5

flickr- missjanegen

Cake Toppers!

Classic Car Rockabilly Cake topper

flickr- cacamilis

Classic Car Rockabilly Cake Topper

flickr- Leah’sCakes

Classic Car Rockabilly Wedding Topper 2

flickr- purpleflours

Rockabilly Cake Topper

flickr- KarlyWest_CakeTopper

Rockabilly Cake Topper

flickr- sewsew-a-gogo

Nukesville Kustoms Pinstriping

Nukesville Kustoms by Bear

Popular in Rockabilly Kulture is the decorative art of pinstriping. Pinstriping can add sexy to flat black or the plain paint job on any vintage car look good, but for myself and others of Rockabilly Kulture, pinstriping can make just about anything look better! My friend Bear is a bad ass pinstriper, he just striped my mailbox and I can’t tell you enough how much I totally freaking love it!!! Bear stripes everything and anything, from hot rods and old caddy’s to high-heels, purses, glassware, canvas, makeup cases, suitcases, chairs, dressers, tables, tv trays, toolboxes and whatever else you could possibly want pinstriped. Bear lives here in Paso Robles, California. Anyone wanting custom pinstriping, or just to follow his work, can find him and talk to him on facebook as “Nukesville Kustoms by Bear”, hope you enjoy his work as much as I do!

First things first: My mailbox!

More Nukesville Kustoms






Rockabilly Kulture

     Rockabilly Kulture is a lifestyle that reflects the progressive, unconstrained, electrifying, and somewhat rebellious music, styles, and icons of the fabulous 50’s. The music created by those who dared to be different in the face of aversion (like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and other Rockabilly legends) is the foundation and heart of Rockabilly Kulture. Rockabilly lovers show their respect and admiration of their 1950’s icons and idols (Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, Gil Elvgren, James Dean, Elvis…) by replicating their clothing, hair, and makeup styles and collecting/displaying their memorabilia. People of Rockabilly Kulture also love classic cars, hot rods, retro clothing and hairstyles, un-natural hair color (usually bleach blonde, dyed black, red, and pink), tattoos, and body piercings.

     There is no cookie cutter Rockabilly look. Just like any other culture, there can be many differences in style from person to person. For the most part the guys look like greasers (the Elvis and James Dean type looks), and the women like vintage pinups, Betty Page, Marilyn Monroe, Rosie the Riveter, or a 1950’s belle. Some guys may style their hair in a dramatic pompadour and wear a bowling shirt and creepers, some may have a subtle pompadour and wear t-shirts with dickies and converse, and others may wear plaid button up shirts with rolled up jeans and black boots. Some Rockabilly women take on the look of  burlesque vintage pinups and wear corsets, others may wear pencil skirts with form-fitting tops, swing dresses, or rolled jeans with t-shirts. Each person has their own version or twist on the style. No matter which style of retro clothing they wear, most in the Rockabilly Kulture have tattoos, body piercings, and gauges. Common Rockabilly themes and prints (other than the icons and idols already mentioned) are: polka-dots, cherries, gingham, leopard, dice, horseshoes, sparrows, bowling  pins, pin stripes, anchors, tattoo art/flash, Dia de los Muertos, tiki totems, classic cars, hot rods, and Coca Cola.

     Rockabilly hangouts include cruise nights, hot rod races, tattoo conventions, burlesque/pinup shows, and Rockabilly music performances – but the most common place to a large gathering of the Rockabilly Kulture are the classic car shows (especially the large ones like the Viva Las Vegas Car Show). Besides having rows and rows of wonderfully awesome cars to drool over, Rockabilly music is heard everywhere and there are numerous varieties of vendors that sell Rockabilly clothing, sunglasses, shoes, purses, jewelry, hair accessories, music, art, pin striping, car accessories, tiki carvings, and many other gifts and collectibles. Classic car shows are a fun and enlightening way to get a feel of what Rockabilly Kulture is all about. The exciting atmosphere can easily lead you to have Rockabilly fever!

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