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1950’s Icon Nightstand

 Vintage Nightstand + Chalk Paint + 50’s Icons = AWESOMENESS!


A friend of mine has done some work on my 57 Savoy and never asks for anything in return. I knew I wanted to do something for him and his wife, and since they are also huge fans of the Fabulous 50’s, and our likes are so similar,  I set out to find a vintage piece I could upcycle Rockabilly style!

I saw a cute end table he got for his wife when he posted the pictures on Facebook, then some antique cabinets that had belonged to his grandma that he commented on saying he was trying to decide on a color to paint them.  I found an adorable vintage nightstand with a lot of potential- it was exactly the type of vintage piece I was hoping to find, now I just had the important task of picking a color that would match their other furniture. So the next time I saw him as we were picking up our kids from school, I asked him if he decided what color to paint those antique cabine. I  he got, and he said he wants to go with a teal chalk paint.  I remembered the end table in his Fb pictures was done in the teal chalk paint so I went to his pictures and saved the image of it to my phone so I could compare it to the Annie Sloan chalk paint colors when I went to order it, to make sure I got the right color.

 While I waited for the paint to arrive I went on my Rockabilly Legends board and my Starlets board on Pinterest and saved a bunch of awesome images of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean to my computer.  I printed them onto card stock paper and cut them out. When the chalk paint arrived I went to town! I did a few coats to get it to look how I wanted, waited for it to be completely dry, then put on the Annie Sloan clear wax. The next day I mod podged the top of the nightstand with the 50’s icon pictures- which took a while to get them to fit, and cut some, and move some…  Then did the same for the bottom shelf the next day.  The day after that I did one more good thick layer of mod podge. The last thing I needed to do was find a handle to put on it. I went to the antique store and to my luck there happened to be one I thought would go perfectly with the vintage nightstand.  I wanted the handle to stand out, and to go with the black and white images of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Cash,  and James Dean- so I painted it black satin. Of coarse none of the screws I had fit!  So the last thing I did was go to the hardware store and get some…and….done!!  

I brought it by their house while they were at work and left it by the front door.  Then text him to let him know I made something for them and left it by the door.  I was SO happy and relieved when his wife called and told me she loved it!

vintage nightstand

Vintage upcycled nightstand

50's icon nightstand

vintage nightstand

DIY Rockabilly nightstand

vintage nightstand before upcycling

DIY 50's Icon table

Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Cash, & James Dean table nightstand

mod podged 50's icon nightstand

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint upcycled nightstand


Mannequin Makeover

Gingham and Polka Dots!

Rockabilly mannequin makeover

I bought this mannequin to use when taking pictures for my Etsy shop and the plain look of it got to me.  Since it usually sits by my desk in the living room I wanted to make it more my style!   I ripped off the fabric and foam and mod podged pieces of gingham and polka dot (2 of my favorite Rockabilly prints) fabric in it’s place. It was more time consuming than I had anticipated,  but I’m happy with it!


mannequin makeover


DIY mannequin makeover

mannequin before picture


rockabilly mannequin

DIY Rockabilly Style Shirt!

Upcycled Tank Top

DIY Rockabilly shirt

What I Used:

Plain black tank top (Walmart $3.89 I believe), bias, ribbon, straight pins, thread, 2 buttons, and a sewing machine.

supplies for diy shirt

Steps to make DIY tank top:

1.  I used black and white gingham bias (because it’s one of my favorite Rockabilly patterns/prints!) and pinned it around the neck line, starting in the middle on the back side.

diy tank top

2. Press, removing horizontal pins as you go.

3. Sew closer to the inside of the tank top, not the outside edge, starting from the middle of the back side, removing your pins as you come to each one.  Make sure you back-stitch where you start and finish.

4. Press it again.

diy upcycled tank top

5.  Use a loose straight stitch, 1/4 from the edge, and sew down the entire length of ribbon (I cut my ribbon 2x as long as the piece of bias I used).  Do Not back stitch!  Hold the bottom thread in one hand and pull the ribbon the opposite direction with your other hand to gather, for the ruffled look. 

6.  When you have the ruffled look you want in your ribbon, pin it in place leaving enough space for your buttons.

7.  Sew the ribbon to the tank top starting in the center on the back side, removing the pins as you get to them.

upcycled rockabilly tank top

8.  Hand sew the 2 buttons down the center….. and DONE!!

DIY rockabilly style shirt

Vintage Vanity Seat Turned Rockabilly!

Antiques Re-done DIY Rockabilly Style!

I found this vanity seat at a local antique store and although it’s colors and fabric were hideous at the time, I could see it’s potential and knew I could make into something more “me”, a vanity seat with a Rockabilly flare! 


before pic of vanity seat

ugly upholstery on vintage vanity seat

Gold and brass are not my style, neither is tan and blue floral fabric!  First I took the screws out of the under side that held the seat to the frame, then I pulled the ugly fabric off and took the staples out that didn’t pull out with the fabric.  While I was taking the fabric off I discovered this ugly fabric was actually covering a much nicer fabric- light blue velvet. The blue fabric was faded, old, worn down- but I’m sure in it’s original condition it was quite nice looking.

blue velvet vanity seat

While continuing to remove staples I discovered this light blue fabric was also a cover up job! The fabric underneath this was the worst of the three- it was a bright orange soft felt typle fabric…

fabric layers covering antique vanity seat

Next I covered the old cushion with an old (but in great condition) velvet or velour red shirt I had, and stapled it into place!

working area for DIY Rockabilly crafts

This is what I had to work with- a crowded work space surrounded by my 5 yr old daughters toys, and a cat that thought it was play time…with my seat I was covering.

Once the seat was covered I used some steel wool to remove the fading goldish uglyness from the frame, while watching Dawn of the Dead to pass the time!

Once the frame was smooth I took it outside and spray painted it black.  When it was dry I took it inside and screwed the seat back on…. and here it is- a new, Rockabilly twist on an antique vanity seat!


DIY rockabilly vanity seat

DIY with 1950’s Humor!

My DIY Obsession!

I have always loved crafts, sewing, and DIY projects of all kinds, and I have completely fallen in love with Pinterest!  Pinterest is a fun way to share and find tons of products and images of my own style and interests, and I have become obsesses with the DIY stuff people share! I have been inspired to do all kinds of new projects- so many that I am constantly finding it hard to finish them.  This is one of the many DIY projects I was inspired to do- a laundry holder/cupboard, shelf, stand…thing!  The one I saw on Pinterest fit 3 laundry baskets because it was made from a bookcase in which the bottom of it was at floor level, giving it more vertical room than mine.  I made mine from an old dresser that was by a dumpster (I used to work a large college apartment complex and they were extremely wasteful, and although I am not a typical “dumpster diver”, I can see what things “can” be and don’t like to see furniture go to waste if it doesn’t have to!).  The dresser has literally been outside behind my trash cans for about a year, waiting for me to have time and purpose for it. When I saw the laundry stand on Pinterest I finally knew what it was to become. I don’t have a laundry room, my washer and dryer are in the garage, and there are no cabinets or counters for any laundry or washing and drying supplies.  Although my new laundry stand only holds 2 laundry baskets, instead of 3, I am happy to finally have something to set my laundry soap, bleach, and fabric softener on!

DIY laundry stand with 1950's ads

I took what was left of the old drawers out and cleaned off the spider webs and dirt, drug it to my back patio, knocked out the front and center drawer boards, and nailed back together in all the places the boards were coming apart from eachother. Then I began painted it white (the inside seemed to take forever!).

DIY laundry holder

painting laundry stand

I wanted to ad my own personal style to it, so I went on google images and found a bunch of 1950’s laundry related ad’s and signs. I tried to find sheets of scrapbooking paper or wallpaper with the type of images I wanted but had NO luck. I printed the images out  (one by one) in a variety of sizes, on regular white computer paper and cut them ALL out by hand ( and cut the leftover paper into smaller pieces for scrap/note paper so it wouldn’t go to waste!).  The ad’s of the 1950’s were quite humorous, here are some of the images I used:

1950's humorous ad

humorous 1950's ad

50's laundry sign

50's laundry soap ad

1950's humor laundry sign

1950's pinup laundry sign

1950s laundry humor

1950s washer ad

I figured out how I wanted to place them first, then mod podged them onto the sides and top. I could have wrapped it around the sides and front but I wanted to keep that with a clean white look.

DIY laundry stand

(The wood hutch behind it is an upcoming project!)

laundry holder with 1950's ads

funny 1950's laundry ads

50's laundry ads and signs

1950's pinup laundry ads and signs


Dresser- free!

Laundry Baskets- free (already had them)

Rustoleum’s Painter’s Touch, white gloss indoor/outdoor paint- $8.48 @ Wal-Mart or Home Depot

White computer paper- $3.72 for a pack (which I did not use all of!)

Printer Ink- already had, but costs vary depending on your printer and how much ink you use

Mod Podge- $8.99 – 40% because I used a coupon for 40% off one regular priced item (which you can get in their ad’s in the sunday paper, or all the time if you subscribe to their newsletters by email!)

2″ Paint Brush, small roller and rod, paint tray- already had but all for under $10.00 combined

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