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Polka Dots, Leopard, and Gingham…Oh My!!

Pinky Pinups

In between DIY projects I’ve spent a lot of time on Etsy lately- mostly looking for Halloween items for my kids costumes… but of coarse I can’t help but browse my favorite shops while I’m there.  I’ve had Pinky Pinups on my fashion radar for a while and was excited to see all the cute Rockabilly clothing they have in some of my favorite prints- polka dots, leopard, and gingham.  The hardest part is deciding which one to get first!

rockabilly polka dot halter top


rockabilly leopard halter top


polka dot halter top


black and white striped top


rockabilly leopard top


black and white striped rockabilly shirt


rockabilly pinup top


gingham rockabilly swing dress


rockabilly polka dot pencil skirt


high waist rockabilly pants



Perfect Summer Time Rockabilly Halter Tops!

Red Pepper Boutique

This week I was lucky enough to discover Red Pepper Boutique on Etsy and I am in halter top heaven! Where I live in California a good part of the summer is over 100 degrees.  When it is that dang hot outside I don’t like to wear sleeves or stiff restricting clothing, I want to wear as little as possible and be as comfortable as I possibly can.  Red Pepper Boutique has amazingly cute halter tops in a variety of our favorite Rockabilly patterns- Gingham, nautical, polka dots, leopard, and solids. Not only are the styles super cute and sexy- they’re Cotton!!  Red Pepper Boutique‘s Rockabilly halter tops are made to order, which is a bonus for anyone who’s measurements don’t land within any of the typical size categories!  Soft, comfortable, stretchy, cool, cute, sexy, made to order, Rockabilly halter tops= Red Pepper Boutique.  Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!!!

rockabilly nautical halter top

Leopard Rockabilly Halter Top

rockabilly gingham halter top

Nautical style rockabilly halter top

rockabilly polka dot halter top

red and leopard rockabilly halter top

Rockabilly tube top

… or go with a perfect summer time dress!

Rockabilly Nautical Dress

strapless rockabilly dress

Rockabilly and Psychobilly Tops by Psychodoll Clothing!

Super Cute & Super Affordable 1950’s Inspired Halter Tops!

As many may know- I LOVE ETSY!  Mostly because it is the best location to find such a varitety of Rockabilly and Vintage clothing and accessories, and in so many styles, colors, designs, and sizes!  Don’t get me wrong- there are plenty of brands not on Etsy I love also, but I also like that Etsy is full of Vintage collecting, wearing, loving, and DIYing people-  handmaking, upcycling, and treasure hunting to by and sell what they love!  With all that said I wanted to share one of my latest Rockabilly store discoveries that I am in love with.  The fit is one of my favorite, and the tops have a wonderful 50’s meets Burlesque vibe with modern Rockabilly and Psychobilly fabrics! These are some of my personal favorites by Psychodoll Clothing!

Psychodoll Clothing

Polka dot halter top

Cherry Halter Top

Black and White Gingham Halter top

Red and white polkadot halter top

Black and White Striped Halter Top

Black and white Polka dot Top

Social Distortion cherry top

Social Distortion and Cherries Tube Top

Nekromantix top

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