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Rockabilly Tattoos Part 4

Pinups, Cherries, Anchors, Sugar Skulls & More!

rockabilly tattoos

love thy neighbor rockabilly tattoo

vintage pinup girl tattoos

rockabilly cherry tattoo

rockabilly nautical tattoo

rockabilly cupcake tattoo

til death rockabilly tattoo

rockabilly sparrow tattoo

rockabilly dagger tattoo

rockabilly anchor tattoo

Pinup Girl Bobby Pin Boxes!

In Grips We Trust

Anyone that loves vintage pinups will love these pinup bobby pin boxes made by  In Grips We Trust.  There are so many great pinups to chose from you’re guaranteed to find one of your favorites, weather it’s a Gil Elvgren pinup or one by another great artist, and if there is a specific pinup image you have to have and don’t see it- the owner will work with you to get your favorite pinups on the boxes.  Each pinup bobby pin box comes with bobby pins inside and In Grips We Trust offers 6 colors to choose from: black, brown, blonde, burgundy, white, and red.  These are a definite must have for any Rockabilly belle that uses bobby pins to do their vintage hairstyles, especially if they don’t want to dig for them in their bottomless pit of a purse, lose them, or get them dirty!

pinup girl bobby pin box

pinup girl matchbox

pinup girl box

pinup girl bobby pin boxes

pinup box

vintage pinup girl bobby pin box

vintage pinup bobby pin box

retro pinup girl box

Gil Elvgren pinup box

Gil Elvgren pinup girl bobby pin box

My own (used and abused) Pinup Bobby Pin Boxes from In Grips We Trust!

In Grips We Trust Pinup bobby pin box

Gil Elvgren Pinups, My 10 favorite!


     I have been a fan of pinup art for years and although there have been many great pinup artists over the years Gil Elvgren remains my favorite, as well as the recognized favorite of most pinup art fans, collectors, and fellow artists. Over a year ago I added the book Gil Elvgren, The complete pin-ups to my pinup collection to have as many photos of Gil Elvgren paintings  as I possibly could. The yearly Brown & Bigelow pinup calendars are wonderful (I have to have them!) but they only offer 12 Gil Elvgren pinups per year vs. the more than 500 pinup illustrations in the book. As quoted in the book, Gil Elvgren is a “master in portraying feminine beauty”. He had a way of combining the innocence of the girl next door with a beautiful subtle seductiveness. Gil Elvgren was also a professional photographer and used the same passion he put into his paintings when taking photographs. Along with the pinup girl paintings he made for Brown & Bigelow’s pinup calendars over a 30 year span, his career as an oil on canvas artist also included the famously recognized Coca Cola advertisements he painted for them for 25 years, as well as other paintings for other companies such as General Electric and Good Housekeeping magazine.

     To learn more about the Gil Elvgren, his career, who he was influenced by, what inspired him, and to see many more of his pinup paintings I recommend getting the book- Gil Elvgren, The complete pin-ups. The photos are great and this book has the most complete collection of Gil Elvgren’s pinups, from 1937 to his unfinished last painting in 1980 when he died of cancer at the age of 65.

     There are so many of his paintings I love that it was hard to pick my 10 favorite, but here they are:

    1.  A Number to Remember, 1955

    2. Weighty Problem (Starting at the Bottom), 1962

  3. Waisted Effort, 1950

    4.  All Wound Up (Keyed Up), 1964

    5.  Gentlemen Prefer…? (Gents Prefer), 1963

    6.  Let’s Eat Out, 1967

  7.  Bubbling Over, 1951

  8.  I Must Be Going to Waist (Waisted Effort), 1946

     9.  What’s Up?, 1957

  10.  Air-Conditioned, 1950

Quick and Easy Pinup Decor

I love Gil Elvgren pinups and have a quick and easy way to decorate my house with them. I buy the pinup calendars put out by Brown & Bigelow and when the year is over I cut out all the pictures I want to use and find nice frames to put them in. Every year they use different Gil Elvgren pinup prints, so it doesn’t take long to have a great variety!

WWII Bomber Style Motorcylce

I saw this motorcycle in a college apartment parking lot and I got so excited to see it was in the style of the WWII bombers with the shark painted noses and hand painted pinup girls. Pretty good taste for a 19 yr old kid! I thought it was a little interesting to see this now because I had just spent hours only a week or two ago looking through WWII bomber pinup art for my blog picture. I never would have expected to see this where I did, but it was a nice surprise.                 

 WWII shark nose style gas tank. 

 Vintage style motorcycle seat with pinup.

Here a few of the old WWII bombers that this style was taken from


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