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Vintage DIY Decorating!

Beautiful Vintage Images and Prints

I was on Pinterest and came across a Pin of a lovely Vintage “printable” and followed the link back to the source.  What I found when I got to the site was nothing less than Vintage decorating heaven!!  As many already know- I love to decorate and do as much DIY as I can find time for, and as pleased as I was at the final result of my step mom’s Vintage style shelf I made her – I wish I had found this wonderful site a long time ago….  has so many beautiful images to choose and they are all free!  So for those of us that like to decorate with fabulous Vintage images, art, and collages it is like Christmas all over again, and for those who love the images and are not so DIY inclined- or just like to buy and save time- she has an Etsy store (once again- all praise to Etsy!): Stampindamour.  So here’s sharing a “brief” selection of the many Vintage images available at

vintage little girl

Vintage Circus

dress form vintage art

paris vintage dress form

vintage corset

vintage retro printable

Victorian collage

pink strawberries image

Vintage polkadot image

vintage tags


The Victorians of Vine Street

The Vintage Homes built 1885-1925, on MY Street…

I live on Vine St, one of the first residential streets of Paso Robles, California.  The first homes built on Vine St were built during the Victorian era, the time period from 1837-1901 when Queen Victoria ruled England, and so named was the architecture of that time.  Many of us think of Victorian homes as a “style” of home- a home that is large, multi-leveled, has at least one rounded tower with a cone shaped roof, big porches, grand entryways, and highly ornamented.  While these may be grand picturesque Victorians, not all Victorians are; some are labled so because they were built during that time.  Over the years my love and appreciation of all things Vintage has grown into a passion and a desire to collect and preserve pieces of the past.  Since I live on historic Vine St, every day I walk or drive past a collection of vintage homes, my favorite of which are the Victorians.  I’ve enjoyed my countless walks by them, day dreaming about the huge glorious Victorian I will one day have….the color, the trim colors, the size, the number of floors, the layout, the towers, the style of roofing tiles, the wrap around porch and the furniture that will enhance it, the intricate edges and shapes of the wood trim around the windows and porch, the gorgeous antiques and refurbished settees that will fill the inside, and a landscape worthy of such an exquisite home! 

This was the first house built on Vine St, 1885.

vintage victorian

Queen Anne Victorian

Side view of Queen Anne Victorian

This yellow victorian has another house behind it, both have been restored:

Yellow Victorian

side view of yellow victorian

other side of yellow victorian

Beautiful Victorian home

White Victorian

Blue Victorian

Victorian era house

green trimmed victorian

grand victorian

Peach Victorian

Vintage Victorian

Victorian era home

Newer Victorian

grey victorian

Big blue Victorian home

I appologize the post published without the pictures the first time, hopefully it won’t happen twice! 

Fabulous Vintage Victorian Furniture!

The Stuff My Dream House is Made of!

GASP…SPEECHLESS…OVERWHELMING EXCITEMENT…!  That was my reaction when I discovered the breathtaking furniture of  Fabulous & Baroque.  Of coarse I love to find true vintage beauties and restore them to their greatness, but…. if ever there was a company that could make me want to go with “new”  victorian furniture- it is  Fabulous & Baroque!  I never imagined I would love any new furniture as much as I love true vintage, but  Fabulous & Baroque  changed my mind.  I am constantly searching craigslist and the neverending leads of the internet to find antique victorian settees and furniture to restore in the colors and fabrics I love.  I am lucky in that my dad restored vintage furniture long before I ever cared about furniture or antiques. Now I love to create and restore as much as I can myself, but I have my dad to guide and help me so any vintage furniture I do restore will be well done.  Now that I found  Fabulous & Baroque I am excited knowing that any of the antique victorian furniture I need to fill my house but can’t find, will be found there- from extravagant bed frames and vanities, to dressers, highback chairs, dinning tables and chairs, victorian balloon-back chairs, settees, chaise lounges, side tables, tufted elegant benches, mirrors, nightstands, dressers, bookshelves and armoires!  If what you see here excites you like it does me, visit their store online to see more options and colors…

Fabulous & Baroque

black victorian settee

silver victorian chair

black victorian bed frame

pink victorian chair

silver victorian bed frame

black victorian vanity

victorian dinning table and chairs

victorian corner cabinet

victorian settee

victorian nightstand

victorian armoir

victorian dresser

tuft victorian bed frame

white victorian bed frame

black chaise settee

highback victorian chair

victorian bed frame

victorian bed frame

black victorian chandelier

victorian dressing screen

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