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Quick and Easy Pinup Decor

I love Gil Elvgren pinups and have a quick and easy way to decorate my house with them. I buy the pinup calendars put out by Brown & Bigelow and when the year is over I cut out all the pictures I want to use and find nice frames to put them in. Every year they use different Gil Elvgren pinup prints, so it doesn’t take long to have a great variety!

WWII Bomber Style Motorcylce

I saw this motorcycle in a college apartment parking lot and I got so excited to see it was in the style of the WWII bombers with the shark painted noses and hand painted pinup girls. Pretty good taste for a 19 yr old kid! I thought it was a little interesting to see this now because I had just spent hours only a week or two ago looking through WWII bomber pinup art for my blog picture. I never would have expected to see this where I did, but it was a nice surprise.                 

 WWII shark nose style gas tank. 

 Vintage style motorcycle seat with pinup.

Here a few of the old WWII bombers that this style was taken from


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