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Sparkly Vinyl- Rockabilly Nostalgia

HOLDFAST   Rockabilly Handbags

There is something wonderfully nostalgic about sparkly vinyl, whether it’s because it reminds us of 50’s diners or classic cars, it has a way of making us feel connected to the fabulous 50’s (even those of us too young to have enjoyed it)!   HOLDFAST purses and handbags are the perfect daily representation of Rockabilly style and the fabulous 50’s.  Miss Randi, who has an education and background in fashion design and merchandising, created the line when the purse she had started falling apart. She decided to make her own, better contsructed, purse in the style and materials she loves.  Miss Randi loved the result so much she decided to make a few more. The purses where a quick success and the Rockabilly handbag line HOLDFAST was created!  HOLDFAST handbags can also be custom ordered in the colors you want, as well as designs for Psychobilly lovers.

HOLD FAST blue and red vinyl purse

HOLD FAST rockabilly leopard purse

HOLD FAST red vinyl makeup bag

HOLD FAST nautical style rockabilly makeup bag

HOLD FAST hot pink rockabilly purse

bottom of HOLD FAST rockabilly purse

inside of HOLD FAST rockabilly leopard purse

HOLD FAST silver rockabilly wallet

inside of HOLD FAST rockabilly wallets

HOLD FAST rockabilly day of the dead purse

HOLD FAST psychobilly bat purse

HOLD FAST rockabilly monster clutch

HOLD FAST black sparkly vinyl rockabilly clutch

HOLD FAST rockabilly leopard coin purse

HOLD FAST glitter vinyl rockabilly coin purses


De Tiki Purses!

Wood Purses with Tiki Designs & More!

Talk about crazy cool- these purses are seriously unique!  I came across these by accident and was instantly amazed- how fun and creative it would be to design and make these.  These  De Tiki  purses would definitely be an attention getter at a car show or any other Rockabilly event!

De Tiki 

Rockabilly Tiki purse

wood tiki purse

vintage trailer purse

wood retro rockabilly purse

wood psychobilly purse

ladybug purse

DeTiki Rockabilly purse

rockabilly tiki purse

web coffin psychobilly purse

DeTiki leopard rockabilly coffin purse

psychobilly coffin purse

Rockabilly Purses!

Retro Redone

Retro purses

Starbursts, martini glasses, cherries, diamonds, boomerangs, and sparkly vinyl all scream RETRO. Put these retro designs on a purse  or clutch and you have one of fabulous creations by Retro Redone– the perfect accessory for any Rockabilly Belle!  I absolutely LOVE these purses, so much so that I just may have to get one in every color of clothing I own so that I have one to go with EVERYTHING!!  Check out all the  Retro Redone  colors and designs by clicking on the name, or check them out later through Etsy! Here are a few teasers for now…

retro purse

rockabilly cherry purse

rockabilly nautical purse

green rockabilly retro purse

rockabilly sparkly vinyl purse

cherry rockabilly purse

rockabilly starburst purse

rockabilly vinyl purse

rockabilly psychobilly spiderweb purse

red and white vinyl rockabilly purse

rockabelle rockabilly purse

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