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It’s a Big Hair & Beetlejuice kind of day!

Aqua Net & Koffin Kats!

I’ve been pretty lazy about doing my hair lately, mostly because my headaches have been so bad I just haven’t felt like doing anything with it… and because my wild curls have a life of their own- BUT, since I’ve got my car (1957 Savoy) back on the road I’m feeling more motivated to look the part! So today I got out the Aqua Net, put on Koffin Kats, and ratted and teased a beehive inspired do, then added the Bettlejuice hair clips I love so much (from Karloff Kouture on Etsy)!  And here is the result of today’s, Rockabilly/Psychobilly- or should I just say- Rockabelle Hairstyle! 

 Maybe I should show up early to pick up my son from school today, just to embarrass him- he’s always saying “Mom, do you have to do your hair like that, everyone is staring at you.”  They may stare or think I’m weird, but all the girls say how much they love it! (Besides, I’m not one to care if others don’t like it!)

Big retro hair

rockabilly hair

Beetlejuice hair clips

Beetlejuice hair bow

Beetlejuice Lydia hair bow


Beautiful Snoods Made From a 1940’s Pattern!

The Perfect Hair Accessory for a Fabulous Rockabilly Look!

I am beyond happy and excited to share to 2 super awesome finds with you today (thanks to the wonderful vintage lovely Jessica at Chronically Vintage).  The first is another great Rockabilly/Vintage Blog:   HauteRockabillyFashionista -who is a lover of Vintage and Rockabilly fashion, makeup, hairstyles, music, and dancing- and blogs about it all!  It was on this fun Rockabilly blog that the gorgeous Vintage Snoods were shared.  The snoods are custom handmade in a variety of colors by  ArtheliasAttic on Etsy.  I am so pleased that both  Haute Rockabilly Fashionista  and Chronically Vintage decided to blog about  Arthelia’s Attic Snoods because I have been wanting on so badly and have been unlucky in finding one.  Below are some of the colors the Snood comes in (Super cute product images on her store site also!):

Pink Snood

Vintage Snood

Black Snood

Red Vintage Snood

Betty Grable- The Queen of Vintage Hairstyles!

Rockabilly Hairstyle Roots

Betty Grable is hands down the queen of vintage Rockabilly hairstyles! She rocked the best looking victory rolls and waves, inspiring many great modern Rockabilly hairstyles!

betty grable victory rolls

best rockabilly hairstyles

vintage victory rolls

vintage rockabilly hairstyle

rockabilly victory rolls

rockabilly hairstyles

betty grable rockabilly hairstyle

rockabilly hairstyle

vintage rockabilly hairstyle

vintage victory rolls

vintage rockabilly hairstyle

best rockabilly hairstyle



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