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Rockabilly Legends and Oldies but Goodies

Vinyl Collection

Sometimes in my treasure hunting adventures I am lucky enough to find great collectibles.  I was very excited when I came across an older couple selling off their record collection, and even more excited when I saw that some of them are Rockabilly Legends! It’s not very often that I find Elvis or Buddy Holly anything, and to find their records along with other great Rockabilly artists and bands like Jerry Lee Lewis and the Stray Cats made for a very exciting day! I keep some of the records for decorations, add them to my collection, or make things out of them (which I will eventually get around to making a post about), and the few I can talk myself into parting with I list in my Etsy store Rockabilly Rehab! 

Elvis record

Elvis Presley record

Buddy Holly record

Jerry Lee Lewis record

Roy Orbison Record

Little Richard Record

Stray Cats Record

Cruisin Oldies Record

1958 Record


Elvis Presley’s “It Hurts Me”

Less Popular but Most Loved…by Me!

Elvis Presley

I don’t believe there is a single Elvis song I don’t LOVE- he is just a beautiful, musical masterpiece! No one ever has, or ever will compare (as most will agree).  Some of the songs not heard often are my favorites, and in hoping they make all of you as happy as they make me when I hear them I am sharing 3 of my favorites-

Elvis Presley “It Hurts Me”

Love, Love, Love this song!

Elvis Presley “You Don’t Know Me”

From my favorite Elvis movie “Clambake”

Elvis Presley “Mean Woman Blues”

Fun song, shows part of the movie too! Mr. “Sideburns” with “jumpin beans in his jeans”!

My Love Affair with Elvis!

I have been in love with Elvis Presley as far back as I can remember. Even at a young age I was completely mesmerized by him. There is something so unique and so special about his voice that it has always touched me in an emotional way that I can’t even describe (corny, yes, but true)! I often times find myself very still and speechless when I’m watching him on videos or listening to his music. Everything about him his wonderful: his voice, his looks, his hair, his moves, his smile- he has it all, and it’s all those things together that made him what he was (the BEST). I have yet to discover anyone that can effect me the way Elvis always has. Unfortunately he died 3 days after I was born so I will have to live through the jealousy I feel of knowing my mom and dad got to see him and I never could.

     When I was 13 my mom bought me my first Elvis collectors plate for Christmas and I’ve been collecting Elvis things ever since. When I was 15 I went to an Elvis (impersonator) show in Las Vegas with my grandparents. We got to sit in the front row along the stage and “Elvis” sang to me and took his polk-dot scarf off and wrapped it around my neck! It was almost real to me. So many times I have wished I could go back to the 50’s and see Elvis live. When I turned 19 my friends and family gave me an Elvis themed surprise party- it was awesome. They had the Elvis movie “Clambake” playing on all the tv’s in the room, and to this day that is still my favorite Elvis movie. My friend Brandon loved Elvis also and he gave me Elvis collectors stamps. He was the first friend I had that dressed and looked like Elvis, so naturally I adored him. “Love Me Tender” was the first Elvis movie I got, which was also the first movie Elvis made. 

     I love everything and anything Elvis. I collect plates, music boxes, calendars, posters, pictures, music, movies (which most need to be updated because they are VHS!), dolls, clocks, and whatever else I come across. My dream is to go to Graceland and be surrounded by Elvis impersonators! My cousin lives in Tennessee now and I hope to have him take me to Graceland sometime next year, which I will of course post pictures and blog about. Until then I will continue to drink my morning coffee in my Elvis mugs so every day starts with something good. 

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