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Rockabilly Dresses

Wear More Dresses- and Skirts!

One of my big goals for this year is to wear more dresses (and skirts)- ALOT MORE!!  Of coarse it goes without saying, coming from me, that it is Rockabilly dresses I mean to wear.  I’ve been kind of a lazy dresser this last year- wearing my jogging clothes a lot because I try to walk all over the place so often, or I wear my jeans rolled up with a t-shirt or shirt covered by a cardigan or hoodie.  I’ve let my excuses of -not getting “dressed up” because I have nowhere to go, this is just comfortable, or I look fat in dresses-   make my clothing choices for me.  NOT ANYMORE!  This year I’m going to be “dressed up” for no reason, find flattering styles, and get comfortable in dresses.  I have loved 50’s style dresses my whole life, I even wore a poodle skirt for Halloween in 5th grade, and I had a big pink gingham swing dress in middle school that was my absolute favorite- BUT because it wasn’t the “norm” other kids would make comments which made me uncomfortable in dresses.  Well now that I’m way beyond school days and learned to love being different… it’s time to finally put the excuses away and go back to what I love!! So this year i Vow to buy AND WEAR  a lot more dresses…. (and of coarse I have to buy more shoes to go with every color!) 

So here are some of my Favorite Rockabilly Dresses, by some of my Favorite Brands:

by Miss Fortune 

Cherries Miss Fortune Dress

Miss Fortune Atomic skirt & shirt

Miss Fortune Rockabilly swing dress

Miss Fortune Rockabilly Texas Rose dress

by Lucky 13

Lucky 13 polkadot wiggle dress

Lucky 13 Rockabilly dress

Pinup Girl Clothing

Sparrow swing dress by pinup couture

Pinup couture PinupGirlClothing

by Gin and Sin on Etsy

Rockabilly Gingham Dress

by TicciRockabilly on Etsy

Rockabilly Spider dress by TicciRockabilly

Daddy O’s

DaddyOs Rockabilly swing dress

by SmarmyClothes on Etsy

smarmyclothes rockabilly 50's dress


Rockabilly Dresses

Ticci Rockabilly Does it Again!

   Once again  TicciRockabilly  has made some of the cutest dresses the Rockabilly world has to offer! My favorite is the Night Cherry dress but I love all of them, even the Spider dress for those days I’m feeling a little more sassy and rebellous and want to look more on the Psychobilly side! Check the store out on Etsy, and don’t miss their great Rockabilly Maternity selections also!! 

Rockabilly Dress

Pshycobilly Dress

Military Rockabilly Dress

full Rockabilly Bowling Skirt

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