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DIY Coca Cola Dish Soap Dispenser

 Simple Rockabilly Kitchen Upgrade!


My kitchen theme is cherries and Coke.  I have been wanting to find a more fitting kitchen soap dispenser for a while, when I saw a picture on Pinterest ( of a Coke bottle that had been converted to a soap dispenser.  It was one of those major “duh” moments…. why didn’t I think of that-  I mean I only have a ton of empty Coke bottles!  I’m lucky enough to live in mid century modern home that has not been upgraded, as you will see by the yellow formica counter tops and original early 1960’s yellow oven. I have a 1950’s formica table that is waiting for new legs, and when I get some I will share more images of my kitchen.  I collect new and antique Coca Cola items, so as you will see, some things are old, some are not. So I took one of the newer Coke bottles, put the dish soap in it and slapped a Suave conditioner pump on it and… voila!! The pump is silver, which doesn’t match my kitchen colors, but it’s the only one I had. As soon as I find a pump in black or red I will switch it out.  




antique coca cola crate

coke bottles and pinwheels

antique hutch with cherry and coke decor


Rockabilly Centerpieces

Here are a few simple ways to create a Rockabilly centerpiece.  Everything I use is created around the coke bottle. You can fill the coke bottle with gumballs, candy sticks, small jaw breakers, special colored m&m’s,  colored sand,  or anything else you would like.  In these Rockabilly centerpieces I have flowers and lollipops coming out of the coke bottles, you can also use flowers and candy together, as well as many other things.  These make great centerpieces for Rockabilly weddings and Rockabilly kitchens!






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