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Rockabilly Wedding Cakes, Part 8

Wedding Cake Inspiration- Rockabilly Style!

It’s been a while but I’m back sharing some of my favorite Rockabilly Wedding cakes. ┬áThere are so many beautiful and inspiring cakes it’s always difficult to pick which ones to share. ┬áToday’s cakes make up a variety of Rockabilly and Psychobilly fun colors and themes, with a mixture of polka dots, leopard, tattoo flash, cherries, Vegas, pinups, and skulls!

Polkadots and Cherries cake

Rockabilly wedding cake

by Laura barton

rockabilly polkadot theme wedding cake

Black and white wedding cake

by Cotton & Crumbs

Pink and White polkadot wedding cake

by bubolinkata on flickr

Rockabilly Tattoo wedding cake

Psychobilly wedding cake

Sailor jerry pinup wedding cake

by Jen’s Cakery on flickr

Cirque wedding cake

Red polka dot wedding cake

by Sue Ann’s Bakery on flickr

rockabilly wedding cupcakes

vegas wedding cake


Rockabilly Wedding Cakes, Part 6

Cakes for Rockabilly Weddings!

I’m happy to share more Rockabilly wedding cakes of various themes such as- cherries, tiki, poker, nautical, retro, polka dot, leopard, coy tattoo, skull and sparrows, gingham, Elvis, and color based wedding cakes of all red and red and black!

cherry rockabilly wedding cake

red rockabilly wedding cake

rockabilly nautical wedding cake


retro rockabilly wedding cake

Retro Bakery

skull and sparrows rockabilly wedding cake

leopard rockabilly wedding cake

Iced Expressions

rockabilly tiki theme wedding cake

rockabilly wedding cake

sara1986 on flickr

argyle rockabilly wedding cake

rockabilly theme wedding cake

coy tattoo theme rockabilly wedding cake

polkadot rockabilly wedding cake

gingham rockabilly wedding cake

owl rockabilly wedding cake

poker theme rockabilly wedding cake

Elvis rockabilly wedding cake


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