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One Man’s Trash is Another (Wo)man’s Nostalgic Treasure!

1950’s Pink & White Formica Table

I have been drooling over some incredibly awesome 1950’s Formica tables I’ve come across on Pinterest and searching the local thrift shops and garage sales looking for such a vintage gem- but have had no such luck… that is until my walk to the post office last week!  I love to go for walks and since the Post Office is only 4 blocks from my house, I walk there often. Last week on one of those walks I happened to walk by this old house and saw a pile of Trash they had stacked in the dirt outside their shed next to the street. Yes, I can be nosy- and yes,  my DIY obsession may cause me to glance at people’s trash more than the average person, but I had no intention of digging through this pile of trash. I was just about past it when the silver trim of a 1950’s Formica table top caught my eye and I about jumped out of my jogging shoes with excitement! You mean to tell me all my searching and wanting to “buy” a retro Formica table was unsuccessful and I just happened to find a free one by chance- HOT DAMN!! I was (and still am) over the moon excited! I went back later with the car and picked it up. And after removing all the layers of spider webs and dirt- I am happy to share my pink and white 1950’s Formica table (top)!!  Now I just need to find a table base to put it on!


I found new round chrome table legs on Ebay (looked for originals but had no luck).  So when they arrived I flipped the table over, removed the old brackets and screws, cleaned it, screwed the new brackets on by hand (took forever that way, sucks when you’re impatient and your drill’s battery is dead), and attached the new legs…..  and my retro beauty is reborn!!! I am so happy with it, love my formica table!

table3 1950s formica table

formica table

chrome formica table

formica table


Bitchin’ Kitsch’in!

Cupcake and Ice Cream Ceramic Cookie Jars!

White Dove Crafts on Etsy is one of my favorite little Kitsch shops, I am in LOVE with all the cupcake and ice cream cone cookie jars!  Although my kitchen theme is cherries and coca cola, I also love and collect cupcake and ice cream cookie jars and dishes- anything cupcake and ice cream that goes in a kitchen.  When my dream of owning an adorable vintage trailer comes true I am going to put all of the cupcake and ice cream things I have in it.  I already had a retro ice cream cookie jar when I came across White Dove Crafts and I can honestly say- these put mine to shame!  The colors are much more vibrant and fun.  White Dove Crafts also has a super Kitsch’in selection of owl and mushroom ceramics, and I was super excited to find an awesome cookie jar that goes with my home kitchen theme…. a coca cola style bottle cookie jar!!!

Ice cream cone cookie jar


ice cream cookie jar


ice cream cone cookie jar


kitsch ice cream cookie jar


cupcake cookie jar


cupcake cookie jar

kitsch cupcake cookie jar

retro kitsch cupcake cookie jar

kitsch cupcake cookie jar

coca cola style cookie jar




My Favorite Vintage Inspired Rockabilly Swimsuits

Retro Swimsuits for Summer 2013

I have had so much fun looking for swimsuits this year. There are so many fun retro designs and rockabilly prints to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down to one or two, and if I could I personally would buy every swimsuit below! I love love love ruffle butt swimsuits and animal print…and cherries…and polka dots…and sailor girl swimsuits…and Marilyn Monroe inspired suits…and there are just so many I love I could go on and on! So here are My top 15  favorites (since I couldn’t stop at just 10)!


retro leopard swimsuit

by BlackCatBikinis on Etsy


Tiger print rockabilly swimsuit

by VintageSuitsbyMary on Etsy


retro polka dot swimsuit

by RedDollySwimwear on Etsy


Rockabilly nautical polka dot swimsuit

by Lolita Girl Clothing


Nautical Rockabilly swimsuit

by MySugarDoll on Etsy


zebra print rockabilly swimsuit

by BlackCatBikinis on Etsy


leopard print retro swimsuit

by QofI on Etsy


red and white polkadot rockabilly swimsuit

by Lolita Girl Clothing


vintage ruffle swimsuit

by VintageSuitsbyMary on Etsy


rockabilly cherry swimsuit

by Lolita Girl Clothing


red polka dot rockabilly swimsuit

by RedDollySwimwear on Etsy


leopard print rockabilly swimsuit

by VintageSuitsbyMary


lace retro swimsuit

by Lolita Girl Clothing


rockabilly checkered swimsuit

Harmony Threads on Etsy


Houndstooth Rockabilly Swimsuit

by RedDollySwimwear on Etsy

Very Cherry! Part 2

Now to See if Today I can share the Cherry Photos that were Missing Yesterday…..

Cherry Bread Box

Starting the New Year Very Cherry!

Vintage, Retro, Cherries & More…

I have been busy with so many things- kids, crafts, all my DIY projects, starting businesses, vintage hunting, & more… and as the new year starts I am finally getting one of my projects going. I started out vintage “treasure” hunting for myself and along the way I realized how many others love Vintage, Rockabilly, and Retro “treasures”.  It has taken longer to share the things I’ve collected than I had planned because I got a snazzy camera that I have no idea how to do snazzy photography with, am so not a web designer, and things just seem to take longer than anticipated…BUT I am happy to finally get it going, even if it is just starting with Ebay (and I will work on dramatically improving my photography and web designing skills while I also work on getting my other projects up and going)!  I’m having fun listing and shipping, just 2 days into it and thought I would share some of the first group of “treasures” I have listed…

Verry Cherry…

Cherry Bread Box

Retro Boomerang Ashtray

Rockabilly Style Bowling Ball dish

Retro Tea Cup and Saucers

Vintage Strawberries Serving Dish

Retro Nut Grinder

Vintage Crystal Decanter

Vintage Crystal Apothecary Jar

Vintage planters peanut jar

Vintage GE Hair Setter

Vintage Retro Hair Setter Set

Vintage Genuine Wireless Ice Bag

Rockabilly Wedding Cakes, Part 6

Cakes for Rockabilly Weddings!

I’m happy to share more Rockabilly wedding cakes of various themes such as- cherries, tiki, poker, nautical, retro, polka dot, leopard, coy tattoo, skull and sparrows, gingham, Elvis, and color based wedding cakes of all red and red and black!

cherry rockabilly wedding cake

red rockabilly wedding cake

rockabilly nautical wedding cake


retro rockabilly wedding cake

Retro Bakery

skull and sparrows rockabilly wedding cake

leopard rockabilly wedding cake

Iced Expressions

rockabilly tiki theme wedding cake

rockabilly wedding cake

sara1986 on flickr

argyle rockabilly wedding cake

rockabilly theme wedding cake

coy tattoo theme rockabilly wedding cake

polkadot rockabilly wedding cake

gingham rockabilly wedding cake

owl rockabilly wedding cake

poker theme rockabilly wedding cake

Elvis rockabilly wedding cake


Rockabilly Purses!

Retro Redone

Retro purses

Starbursts, martini glasses, cherries, diamonds, boomerangs, and sparkly vinyl all scream RETRO. Put these retro designs on a purse  or clutch and you have one of fabulous creations by Retro Redone– the perfect accessory for any Rockabilly Belle!  I absolutely LOVE these purses, so much so that I just may have to get one in every color of clothing I own so that I have one to go with EVERYTHING!!  Check out all the  Retro Redone  colors and designs by clicking on the name, or check them out later through Etsy! Here are a few teasers for now…

retro purse

rockabilly cherry purse

rockabilly nautical purse

green rockabilly retro purse

rockabilly sparkly vinyl purse

cherry rockabilly purse

rockabilly starburst purse

rockabilly vinyl purse

rockabilly psychobilly spiderweb purse

red and white vinyl rockabilly purse

rockabelle rockabilly purse

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