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Fabulous Vintage Victorian Furniture!

The Stuff My Dream House is Made of!

GASP…SPEECHLESS…OVERWHELMING EXCITEMENT…!  That was my reaction when I discovered the breathtaking furniture of  Fabulous & Baroque.  Of coarse I love to find true vintage beauties and restore them to their greatness, but…. if ever there was a company that could make me want to go with “new”  victorian furniture- it is  Fabulous & Baroque!  I never imagined I would love any new furniture as much as I love true vintage, but  Fabulous & Baroque  changed my mind.  I am constantly searching craigslist and the neverending leads of the internet to find antique victorian settees and furniture to restore in the colors and fabrics I love.  I am lucky in that my dad restored vintage furniture long before I ever cared about furniture or antiques. Now I love to create and restore as much as I can myself, but I have my dad to guide and help me so any vintage furniture I do restore will be well done.  Now that I found  Fabulous & Baroque I am excited knowing that any of the antique victorian furniture I need to fill my house but can’t find, will be found there- from extravagant bed frames and vanities, to dressers, highback chairs, dinning tables and chairs, victorian balloon-back chairs, settees, chaise lounges, side tables, tufted elegant benches, mirrors, nightstands, dressers, bookshelves and armoires!  If what you see here excites you like it does me, visit their store online to see more options and colors…

Fabulous & Baroque

black victorian settee

silver victorian chair

black victorian bed frame

pink victorian chair

silver victorian bed frame

black victorian vanity

victorian dinning table and chairs

victorian corner cabinet

victorian settee

victorian nightstand

victorian armoir

victorian dresser

tuft victorian bed frame

white victorian bed frame

black chaise settee

highback victorian chair

victorian bed frame

victorian bed frame

black victorian chandelier

victorian dressing screen

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