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One Man’s Trash is Another (Wo)man’s Nostalgic Treasure!

1950’s Pink & White Formica Table

I have been drooling over some incredibly awesome 1950’s Formica tables I’ve come across on Pinterest and searching the local thrift shops and garage sales looking for such a vintage gem- but have had no such luck… that is until my walk to the post office last week!  I love to go for walks and since the Post Office is only 4 blocks from my house, I walk there often. Last week on one of those walks I happened to walk by this old house and saw a pile of Trash they had stacked in the dirt outside their shed next to the street. Yes, I can be nosy- and yes,  my DIY obsession may cause me to glance at people’s trash more than the average person, but I had no intention of digging through this pile of trash. I was just about past it when the silver trim of a 1950’s Formica table top caught my eye and I about jumped out of my jogging shoes with excitement! You mean to tell me all my searching and wanting to “buy” a retro Formica table was unsuccessful and I just happened to find a free one by chance- HOT DAMN!! I was (and still am) over the moon excited! I went back later with the car and picked it up. And after removing all the layers of spider webs and dirt- I am happy to share my pink and white 1950’s Formica table (top)!!  Now I just need to find a table base to put it on!


I found new round chrome table legs on Ebay (looked for originals but had no luck).  So when they arrived I flipped the table over, removed the old brackets and screws, cleaned it, screwed the new brackets on by hand (took forever that way, sucks when you’re impatient and your drill’s battery is dead), and attached the new legs…..  and my retro beauty is reborn!!! I am so happy with it, love my formica table!

table3 1950s formica table

formica table

chrome formica table

formica table



Oldfashioned Summer Fun!

  Carnivals & The Drive-in

The Drive-in

The excitement and nostalgia of going to a Drive-in or a Carnival makes for the perfect Rockabilly summer fun!  It’s been a few years since I had been to a movie at the Drive-in, so Trevor and I packed up the kids and took them to see the new Batman movie at the Drive-in closest to us in San Luis Obispo, California (about 30 min from our house).  We took Big Red (our truck) and instead of sitting inside the truck, we made a big bed in the back of the truck and watched from the warmth and comfort of our pillows and blankets!

Sunset Drive-in

Sunset Drive-in snack bar and picnic tables

inside of Sunset drive-in snack bar

snack bar at Sunset drive-in

drive-in pre-movie cartoon

A good old classic Donald Duck pre-movie cartoon!

The Carnival

The California Mid-State Fair is held in our city, Paso Robles, and except for the extreme temperatures that come with fair time (95-110+ degrees), it is great family fun! This year we went with one of my sisters and her daughter, my mom, Trevor’s brother, his wife, their two little red head’s, His sister, and her 2 sons!  The kids had hours of fun on the rides, and I had fun winning the cocky cowboy and his wife at the water pistol game!  Many Carnival rides and games stay the same or similar over the years, which is why they create such a happy, nostalgic atmosphere!


carnival games

ferris wheel

rockabilly summer fun

Carnival music player

cars carnival ride

jeep carnival ride

carnival truck ride

carnival plane ride

motorcycle carnival ride

Trevor and mom at the Carnival

The Sexy Beast is Trevor, my love of 8 years, who did have a good time when he wasn’t busy texting, and the camera operator on the right is my mom (forgive her for the fanny pack!)

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