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DIY Bettie Page Table

How I Added More of The Queen of Pinups To My Bedroom!

DIY Bettie Page Table

This another perfect example of Trash to Treasure!  I got this table from a dumpster (technically sitting next to a dumpster, not inside it, but you get the point).  It originally had silver legs and a light colored wood laminate top, which was almost completely ripped off leaving  the ugly jagged particle board underneath exposed.  When I took it home, about 2 yrs ago, I spray painted the legs black and the top red.  I attempted to sand the top before I painted it but it was beyond saving, no amount of sanding would make it smooth, it just wasn’t the right type of material- which is why it was covered with laminate in the first place.  No amount of red paint covered the rugged rough texture so I knew I would have to completely cover the top with something, but at the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to cover it with so it has been sitting in the garage for the past 2 yrs.  Recently I decided to paint my room and revamp it, bring a more exciting, more “me” feel to it.  I knew I wanted to bring more Bettie Page into my room than the one or two pictures I have and then the idea came to me to get the table out of the garage and cover it with collage of Bettie Page photos!   

The first thing I did was go to my “Pinups” board on Pinterest and save all of my favorite black and white (to keep with the black and white with red color them of my bedroom) images of Bettie Page to my computer.  Then I printed them in 3 x 5 and 4 x 6 sizes onto regular computer paper and cut them out.  NOTE* If I could do it again I would use thicker card stock paper or photo paper to cover the rough texture of the table even better.

Next I painted the top of the table with white primer and paint in one so that the black and white images of Bettie Page would be as clear and bright as possible.

bettie page table

I started in the center of the table, putting mod podge where I wanted my picture to go, then placed the picture on top of it.  I very carefully pushed down then out towards the edges of the picture to flatten it and remove any bubbles.  This part can be very tricky because if you get mod podge on your fingers then touch the dry top of the picture, it can stick and pull off part of the image.  This would also happen less with thicker paper or photo paper.  

mod podge

I mod podged the table where I wanted the next picture to go, one at a time so the mod podge wouldn’t dry before I put the picture down.  Once all of the Bettie Page pictures were in place I went over the top of them with the mod podge.  You can go over the pictures right after you put them down but I chose to wait to save the mess and make sure the thickness would be more even.  In the photo above and below I am trying to show how much mod podge I put on my sponge brush and how thick I spread it over the pictures.

bettie page pod modged

I tried to show where my brush strokes end so you can see how thick the mod podge is.  I don’t want it to be too thick and clumpy because I can always just add more coats of mod podge later.  The images will look white and cloudy but I assure you they dry clear!

mod podged table

I let the mod podge dry. You will know when it is dry because it will be clear and smooth, no longer tacky to the touch.  Then I went over it with another layer of mod podge to make sure the paper would be protected.  (To further protect the surface you can wait a day then put a few layers of polyurethane on top of it- I usually do this but didn’t this time because I only have the high gloss finish and if I cover this I want to use the matte or satin finish).

Bettie Page table

The mod podge was dry and I was totally in love with the result- BUT the sides of the table were a major issue, they were ugly and jagged and had to be covered with something.

Bettie Page table

 I LOVE velvet ribbon and went on Etsy to find black velvet vintage ribbon, which I found and ordered from 32 degrees North.

vintage black velvet ribbon

To attach the ribbon to the sides of the table I used my Xyron 2.5″ create-a-sticker machine, just fed it through until I had enough to go all the way around the table.  I added one tiny nail in the back where the ribbon ends met…. and done!

Xyron create-a-sticker

The final result!  It’s a great tribute to the Queen of Pinups and the perfect piece of furniture for my bedroom, I am very happy about it!!  

Bettie Page table

Bettie Page table

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