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Peep Show Anyone?

Mutoscopes and Cail-O-Scopes!

I have seen a few antique peepshow viewing machines on tv shows but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the names of these vintage peepshow machines- the Mutoscope and the Cail-O-Scope (not to be confused with a stereoscope, which is a handheld viewer designed to give a 3D effect to images). Created in the late 1800’s and very early 1900’s, these were coin operated machines with images on a reel, designed to give the same motion picture effect as flip books. This was a very competitive market because, as we all know, sex sells- so the designs, mechanical operations, and names┬ávary depending on the creators and manufacturer. Not all of these machines were used as “early porn”, but that is definitely where they made most of their money!

Girls mutoscope sign

peepshow machine label

mutoscope images

men viewing mutoscopes


mutoscope machine

vintage mutoscope

peepshow viewing machine

mutoscope peepshow machine

vintage mutoscope peepshow machine

antique mutoscope peepshow machine

mutoscope girly machine

mutoscope viewing machine


cail-o-scope label

cailoscope view


cailoscope peepshow machine

vintage cailoscope

antique cailoscope peepshow viewer

(Not to be confused with the Stereoscope-)




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