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Parlor Tattoo Prints

Can’t Get Enough Flash!

I can’t express what a huge fan I am of Parlor Tattoo Prints on Etsy! Artist Quyen Dinh has an amazing talent for portraying timeless traditional style tattoo flash.  If I owned a tattoo shop or rockabilly barber shop the walls would be full of Parlor Tattoo Prints!

Greaser tattoo flash

parlor tattoo prints

parlor tattoo printsparlor tattoo prints

parlor tattoo printsparlor tattoo prints

parlor tattoo print

parlor tattoo prints

Parlor Tattoo Prints

parlor tattoo prints

traditional parlor tattoo prints

parlor tattoo prints


Vintage Ladies and Gents Tattoos

Vintage Tattoo Flash

Lately I’ve been really drawn to vintage style tattoo designs, especially the head to toe tattooed vintage ladies and gents! I’m always searching for new tattoo inspiration and ideas, and until I have no skin left untattooed- or until I finally decide I’m too old for more…. I have no intention of stopping!!

Tattooed gent

vintage gent art


vintage gent tattoo art


vintage tattoo


vintage tattoo


vintage tattooed lady


vintage sailor girl

vintage lady tattoo

vintage tattoo flash

vintage lady tattoo

Houtvintage tattoo

The art above is by one of my favorite vintage style tattoo flash artists- Angelique Houtkamp 

Rockabilly Tattoos Fabulously Girlie!


One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Tattoo artists is Kristel Oreto.  She packs one mean feminine punch in the tattoos she does!  While being beautifully colorful and detailed, her tattoos have a wonderful touch of pretty that only a GIRL artist could pull off!  Her work is more than fun to look at, and if it weren’t for her being in Philadelphia, PA, and me in California- I would definitely be one proud recipient of a Kristel Oreto Tattoo!!  Check out more of her portfolio and future tattoo conventions she will be attending on her websitekristeloreto

rockabilly family tribute tattoo

Rockabilly sugar skull tattoo

rockabilly evil sparrow tattoo

rockabilly cutie sparrow tattoo

rockabilly flamingo tattoo

rockabilly cupcake lollipop and razor blade tattoo

Rockabilly style Hello Kitty Sugar Skull tattoo

rockabilly broken heart tattoo

rockabilly style corset tattoo

leopard print tattoo

rockabilly cupcake candy and skull tattoo

rockabilly ice cream cone tattoo

rockabilly psychobilly zombie penguin tattoo

rockabilly style geisha voodoo doll tattoo

rockabilly style hairdresser tattoo

Rockabilly Sweets and Treats tattoo

rockabilly owl and cupcake tattoo

rockabilly style pretty owl tattoo

rockabilly style evil owl tattoo

Rockabilly Hello Kitty Tattoo

Rockabilly Tattoos Part 4

Pinups, Cherries, Anchors, Sugar Skulls & More!

rockabilly tattoos

love thy neighbor rockabilly tattoo

vintage pinup girl tattoos

rockabilly cherry tattoo

rockabilly nautical tattoo

rockabilly cupcake tattoo

til death rockabilly tattoo

rockabilly sparrow tattoo

rockabilly dagger tattoo

rockabilly anchor tattoo

Fabulous Rockabilly Jewelry for any Rockabelle!

Rosie Lee’s Jewellry

My favorite place to shop online is Etsy. Etsy has so many stores and products that sell wonderful vintage and retro all-kinds-of-things for the Rockabilly style I crave! One of the Rockabilly style jewelry stores I love so much is Rosie Lee’s Jewelry.  Here is a preview of the Rosie Lee’s Jewellry  I love!

Marilyn Monroe ring

Marilyn Monroe ring

Pinup girl necklace

Pinup girl necklace

card suit earrings

card suit earrings

sugar skull bracelet

sugar skull bracelet

Lonely skeleton necklace

lonely skeleton necklace

skull necklace

I’m Nobody… skull necklace

get tattooed ring


sailor necklace

sailor necklace

sailor bangle

sailor bangle

Beetles ring

Beetles ring

Vintage Style Tattoos!

The Love of Vintage Expressed

vintage tattoo

cirque vintage tattoo

vintage cirque

vintage dress form tattoo

vintage sewing machine tattoo

vintage tattoo

vintage bicycle tattoo

vintage perfume bottle tattoo

vintage hot air balloon tattoo

vintage birdcage and clock tattoo

Rockabilly Tattoos! Part 3

Tattoos for Rockabilly Kulture

rockabilly pin up tattoo

rockabilly pinup and juke box tattoo

traditional style pinup tattoo

rockabilly tattoo

nautical girl tattoos

rockabilly nautical tattoo

rockabilly pinup tattoo

rockabilly greaser tattoo

rockabilly corset tattoo

pinup tattoo

rockabilly style tattoo

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