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Nukesville Kustoms

More Pinstriping!

Pinstriping is another love of mine.  I would be happy with pinstripes on just about everything- from my car to my shoes, to my furniture.  I keep tethering between painting my 1957 Savoy black satin, with a red top, and shiny red and black pin stripes (I especially love red spider web pinstripes on flat/satin black!)… or pink.  I think I have decided on going pink for this car because it is my first classic and I want it to be a total “SHE” ride!!  BUT, since I plan on having more classics in the future, I will absolutely have one painted black satin with pinstripes.  I am lucky enough to have a good friend that is a pinstriper and fellow Kustom Kulture, Rockabilly lover- Bear, of Nukesville Kustoms.  I get to see his work often and I love it!  To see more Nukesville Kustoms pinstriping you can check out my previous post ‎  or find him on Facebook- Nukesville Kustoms by Bear


Nukesville Kustoms

Nukesville Kustoms

Nukesville Kustoms Pinstriping

pinstriping by nukesville kustoms

nukesville kustoms

spider web pinstriping

Pinstriping by Nukesville Kustoms

pinstriped wall art 

Nukesville Kustoms Pinstriping


Oldfashioned Summer Fun!

  Carnivals & The Drive-in

The Drive-in

The excitement and nostalgia of going to a Drive-in or a Carnival makes for the perfect Rockabilly summer fun!  It’s been a few years since I had been to a movie at the Drive-in, so Trevor and I packed up the kids and took them to see the new Batman movie at the Drive-in closest to us in San Luis Obispo, California (about 30 min from our house).  We took Big Red (our truck) and instead of sitting inside the truck, we made a big bed in the back of the truck and watched from the warmth and comfort of our pillows and blankets!

Sunset Drive-in

Sunset Drive-in snack bar and picnic tables

inside of Sunset drive-in snack bar

snack bar at Sunset drive-in

drive-in pre-movie cartoon

A good old classic Donald Duck pre-movie cartoon!

The Carnival

The California Mid-State Fair is held in our city, Paso Robles, and except for the extreme temperatures that come with fair time (95-110+ degrees), it is great family fun! This year we went with one of my sisters and her daughter, my mom, Trevor’s brother, his wife, their two little red head’s, His sister, and her 2 sons!  The kids had hours of fun on the rides, and I had fun winning the cocky cowboy and his wife at the water pistol game!  Many Carnival rides and games stay the same or similar over the years, which is why they create such a happy, nostalgic atmosphere!


carnival games

ferris wheel

rockabilly summer fun

Carnival music player

cars carnival ride

jeep carnival ride

carnival truck ride

carnival plane ride

motorcycle carnival ride

Trevor and mom at the Carnival

The Sexy Beast is Trevor, my love of 8 years, who did have a good time when he wasn’t busy texting, and the camera operator on the right is my mom (forgive her for the fanny pack!)

Sparkly Vinyl- Rockabilly Nostalgia

HOLDFAST   Rockabilly Handbags

There is something wonderfully nostalgic about sparkly vinyl, whether it’s because it reminds us of 50’s diners or classic cars, it has a way of making us feel connected to the fabulous 50’s (even those of us too young to have enjoyed it)!   HOLDFAST purses and handbags are the perfect daily representation of Rockabilly style and the fabulous 50’s.  Miss Randi, who has an education and background in fashion design and merchandising, created the line when the purse she had started falling apart. She decided to make her own, better contsructed, purse in the style and materials she loves.  Miss Randi loved the result so much she decided to make a few more. The purses where a quick success and the Rockabilly handbag line HOLDFAST was created!  HOLDFAST handbags can also be custom ordered in the colors you want, as well as designs for Psychobilly lovers.

HOLD FAST blue and red vinyl purse

HOLD FAST rockabilly leopard purse

HOLD FAST red vinyl makeup bag

HOLD FAST nautical style rockabilly makeup bag

HOLD FAST hot pink rockabilly purse

bottom of HOLD FAST rockabilly purse

inside of HOLD FAST rockabilly leopard purse

HOLD FAST silver rockabilly wallet

inside of HOLD FAST rockabilly wallets

HOLD FAST rockabilly day of the dead purse

HOLD FAST psychobilly bat purse

HOLD FAST rockabilly monster clutch

HOLD FAST black sparkly vinyl rockabilly clutch

HOLD FAST rockabilly leopard coin purse

HOLD FAST glitter vinyl rockabilly coin purses

Vintage Wanderlust!

Travel Retro Style!

I love vintage/retro trailers! I’ve been searching and waiting for the perfect retro trailer to come my way.  Retro trailers are the perfect accessory for the Rockabilly Kulture and lifestyle,  and there are so many I would love to have- I will probably end up with a collection, but my FAVORITE has to be the 1963 Shasta!  Shasta’s have the little retro wings on the back, which makes them extra appealing and extra retro.  The first time I saw an old vintage trailer with the retro paint job and the rounded back end- my eyes bugged out of my head and I gasped with excitement, it was love at first site!  Of coarse pink is my favorite, but red comes in close 2nd, and I like the pastel blues…. so like I said- I will probably end up with a large collection.  I personally prefer to have buy a retro trailer that needs to be restored on the inside because I have to have it furnished and decorated “my retro way”, and when I find that special one that is “meant to be” my FIRST I will post the pictures and share all the before and after pictures.  I can’t wait to have my little vintage, retro decorated trailer and join one of the vintage trailer groups (like “Sisters on the Fly”)  and go on group campouts and travel to the annual vintage trailer rally’s- so fun!  For those of you interested in buying on of these retro gems, some of the sites I go to (besides Craigslist) are:,,, (does restorations also), (does restorations also).  Here are a few links to groups of vintage trailer loving people with serious wanderlust, vintage trailer associations and traveling/camping events and info: (Southwest Vintage Camper Association), (women’s group, Northern California),, &

My Favorites (so far)!

1963 Shasta

1953 Shasta retro trailer

1965 Viscount

retro vintage trailer

 Various Vintage Trailers:

1966 Cardinal- Atomic Style

1966 Cardinal retro trailer

1966 Cardinal vintage trailer    1966 Cardinal travel trailer

1961 Fireball

1961 Fireball

1961 Fireball Trailer

    1961 Fireball vintage trailer

1955 Rainbow Canned Ham

1955 Rainbow Canned Ham

1955 Rainbow travel trailer

1955 Rainbow Canned Ham

55 rainbow trailer     1955 rainbow vintage trailer

1959 Cardinal

1959 Cardinal

1955 Cardinal Travel Trailer

    1959 Cardinal Trailer

1965 Aloha

1965 Aloha retro trailer

1965 Aloha vintage trailer

65 aloha trailer inside    65 aloha trailer inside

1946 Alma

1946 Alma vintage trailer

1946 Alma retro trailer

inside 1946 Alma vintage trailer    1946 Alma travel trailer

1955 Serro Scotty

1955 Serro Scotty retro trailer

1955 serro scotty retro trailer    1955 Serro Scotty vintage trailer

Retro Swimsuits, Rockabilly Designs!

Rockabilly Swimsuits by Lolita Girl Clothing

I absolutely adore the Rockabilly swimsuit styles and patterns in this summers 

 Lolita Girl  collection! Polka dots and cherries, retro style, what better way to show

 off Rockabilly Kulture at the pool, beach, or lake. Here are just a few of the swimsuits

 they offer.  These swimsuits are a must have for any Rockabilly belle!

rockabilly cherry swimsuit

polka dot rockabilly swimsuit

retro swimsuit

retro swimsuit

rockabilly bathingsuit

polka dot rockabilly bathingsuit

cherry rockabilly bathingsuit

rockabilly bathingsuit

Rockabilly Kids!

Kids with a Rockabilly Flare

rockabilly kids

little greaser boy

rockabilly girl

Sad Man’s Tongue, Rockabilly Bar and Bistro, Prague

rockabilly kids

rockabilly kids

little rockabilly girl

little rockabilly boy

young rockabilly love

little rockabilly doll

My little Rockabilly doll, wearing her favorite shirt!

my rockabilly baby

my Rockabilly baby!

little rockabilly girl

My little girl, Jenicca, in her cherry swimsuit!

greaser boy

My son Jaden, who loves Elvis and Johnny Cash and is obsessed with “Grease”!

rockabilly baby

little greaser boys

little rockabilly girl

Rockabilly Tattoos! Part 3

Tattoos for Rockabilly Kulture

rockabilly pin up tattoo

rockabilly pinup and juke box tattoo

traditional style pinup tattoo

rockabilly tattoo

nautical girl tattoos

rockabilly nautical tattoo

rockabilly pinup tattoo

rockabilly greaser tattoo

rockabilly corset tattoo

pinup tattoo

rockabilly style tattoo

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