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My Favorite Vintage Inspired Rockabilly Swimsuits

Retro Swimsuits for Summer 2013

I have had so much fun looking for swimsuits this year. There are so many fun retro designs and rockabilly prints to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down to one or two, and if I could I personally would buy every swimsuit below! I love love love ruffle butt swimsuits and animal print…and cherries…and polka dots…and sailor girl swimsuits…and Marilyn Monroe inspired suits…and there are just so many I love I could go on and on! So here are My top 15  favorites (since I couldn’t stop at just 10)!


retro leopard swimsuit

by BlackCatBikinis on Etsy


Tiger print rockabilly swimsuit

by VintageSuitsbyMary on Etsy


retro polka dot swimsuit

by RedDollySwimwear on Etsy


Rockabilly nautical polka dot swimsuit

by Lolita Girl Clothing


Nautical Rockabilly swimsuit

by MySugarDoll on Etsy


zebra print rockabilly swimsuit

by BlackCatBikinis on Etsy


leopard print retro swimsuit

by QofI on Etsy


red and white polkadot rockabilly swimsuit

by Lolita Girl Clothing


vintage ruffle swimsuit

by VintageSuitsbyMary on Etsy


rockabilly cherry swimsuit

by Lolita Girl Clothing


red polka dot rockabilly swimsuit

by RedDollySwimwear on Etsy


leopard print rockabilly swimsuit

by VintageSuitsbyMary


lace retro swimsuit

by Lolita Girl Clothing


rockabilly checkered swimsuit

Harmony Threads on Etsy


Houndstooth Rockabilly Swimsuit

by RedDollySwimwear on Etsy


About Rockabelle Bombshell

I am a single mom of a 13 yr old boy and 6 yr old girl. I love DIY projects of all types, and everything Rockabilly! I love the Icons of the 50's, as well as classic cars, pinups, retro appliances and decor, and victorian gothic furniture. I think of myself as a tattooed 1950's transplant... definitely born in the wrong era! I love thrifting and "junking"- I rarely see junk, I see things for their possibilities! I started this blog to document my DIY adventures as I attempt to upcycle and recreate my furniture and home decor, add a Rockabilly touch to as much clothing as I can, make life fun for my kids, and share my love of Rockabilly!

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  1. Oh my stars (or should that be, “oh, my starfish” given the beachy nature of these garments?), these are some stupendously darling vintage/pinup style suits.

    I feel pulled strongly towards the second, but also love (and would be way more likely to actually wear) number nine. They really all are the bee’s knees and then some so. Super swimsuit swoon!!! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your terrific comment on my Sasquatch post today, honey. I saw that same documentary with the man in the costume trying to recreate the video and was fascinated by how off the mark he was compared to the original film clip. It did certainly seem to add a bit more credence to the Patterson tape. I think there will always be a part of me that hopes that tape is never debunked completely – there’s just something so convincingly believable about it…Who knows though! 🙂

  2. I noticed your comment on my pinterest pin. I thought I would pop over and say howdy. Although it was hard to get away from all those gorgeous swim suits maybe I should pin them 😉

    • Thank you for stopping by, I’m so glad you did because it led me to your blog- which I love as much as your pins!! Now I only need to find my darn Bloglovin passwords! I have been so busy I haven’t kept up on my blog the way I like to. Working on finishing my daughters upcycled vintage jewelry box and antique desk, which I hope to finish and post soon! I live your garage sell finds btw!


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