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DIY Rockabilly Lamp

"DIY Rockabilly Lamp"

     I have a hard time finding housewares in my style, so often times I will make or alter something to fit my style or my decor! I like to read at night and didn’t have a lamp for my night stand that went with my decor. My bedroom is red and black with accents of zebra stripes. My large comforter is a red furry shag material and I love it so much that I make everything else in my room to go with it, which is why I created this lamp in these colors and with a little furriness also!

     Things you need to make a DIY Rockabilly lamp:

1.  Lamp shade (usually white, any shape you want- I try Goodwill and Walmart first because they are usually the cheapest, and I like this shape because it’s fun and reminds me of a circus tent!)

2.  Lamp base (Doesn’t have to be the color you want, that can change…)

3.  Ribbon (spool size depends on size of the lamp shade, this is your main color- the red velvet ribbon on my lamp shade)

4.  A second ribbon (this is your accent color or design- the zebra ribbon on my lamp shade)

5.  Extra Large Rick Rack (this is your main color or 2nd main color- I used black Rick Rack)

6.  A small feather boa (in one of your 2 main colors)

7.  Fabric glue (if you use too much it will squeeze out the sides and make a mess and also cause the underneath fabric to wrinkle or wave, and you don’t need to rush to put it on- take your time and let it become a little tacky so the glue is not runny and it will stick easier)

8.  Scissors (to cut your ribbon, rick rack, and boa to the lengths that fit your lamp shade)

9.  Spray paint (for the base of the lamp if it is not the color you want- I bought mine at The Goodwill for $1.00 and it was light pink, so I spray painted it high gloss black!)

10.  Painters tape (for the cord- I learned this the hard way! If you are going to change the color of your base you will want to tape off the cord completely, or you will get speckles of color on the cord)

I will be making another one soon that will be only leopard with red, no white showing. I love DIY projects, my only problem is I am usually doing so many at one time that some don’t get finished!

"DIY Rockabilly Lamp, daylight"


About Rockabelle Bombshell

I am a single mom of a 13 yr old boy and 6 yr old girl. I love DIY projects of all types, and everything Rockabilly! I love the Icons of the 50's, as well as classic cars, pinups, retro appliances and decor, and victorian gothic furniture. I think of myself as a tattooed 1950's transplant... definitely born in the wrong era! I love thrifting and "junking"- I rarely see junk, I see things for their possibilities! I started this blog to document my DIY adventures as I attempt to upcycle and recreate my furniture and home decor, add a Rockabilly touch to as much clothing as I can, make life fun for my kids, and share my love of Rockabilly!

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  1. Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague

    I just love this freakin lamp!

    • Thanks!! I want to make more but it’s so hard to get good fabric that goes with my style and my decor. The closest even half decent fabric store to me is an hour away, and if they don’t have what I need I have to drive 4 hours to the Garment District in Los Angeles!

      • Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague

        Reminds me of when I lived in Telluride Colorado, closest small town was over an hour in any direction.

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