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Simple Beehive

     I love beehives and I think bigger is better, but I don’t always have time to go big, bold, and fun. This my fast and simple Rockabilly style beehive do. I leave a little bangs down and grab a big section of hair from the top (just not low on the sides) and hold it straight up. I lightly spray the front and back with hairspray. Then I take my brush and back-comb the back of the section I’m holding. Next I take my smaller bumpit hair piece and put it right at the base of the hair I just back combed and wiggle it slightly forward and back, then right and left to really get it to stay. I gently place the section of hair (I’m still holding up) over the bumpit and spray it with hairspray before I let go. I let go and shape it. Then I spray it again. The picture on the left I did nothing with the front of my hair for a very simple, more natural looking beehive. In the other pictures I pulled the front bangs sections back behind my ears and added a flower to one side. I use the bumpit because it saves me a lot of time and a lot of back-combing on my over fried hair. There are so many ways to do beehives and I will continue to take pictures as I do them!


About Rockabelle Bombshell

I am a single mom of a 13 yr old boy and 6 yr old girl. I love DIY projects of all types, and everything Rockabilly! I love the Icons of the 50's, as well as classic cars, pinups, retro appliances and decor, and victorian gothic furniture. I think of myself as a tattooed 1950's transplant... definitely born in the wrong era! I love thrifting and "junking"- I rarely see junk, I see things for their possibilities! I started this blog to document my DIY adventures as I attempt to upcycle and recreate my furniture and home decor, add a Rockabilly touch to as much clothing as I can, make life fun for my kids, and share my love of Rockabilly!

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