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Rockabelle Victory Rolls

     I spent a lot of time watching you tube tutorials on how to do victory rolls and other Rockabilly hairstyles. There were 2 problems I kept running into- 1. none of them have hair like me and 2. it all looked easier than it was.  My hair is naturally curly, very frizzy, fried, tangles super easy, and I don’t have bangs. The first several times I tried to do victory rolls I hated how it looked and basically ended up throwing the brush and giving up. I am happy to say I have figured out the trick, the trick doing victory rolls in even the most unmanagable hair like mine– HAIRSPRAY!!  “When” you spray your hair is probably the most important part, then would be “how much” you spray your hair. Now for a step by step break down:

You will need aerosol hairspray, a lot of bobby pins (color depends on the color of your hair), and a large (2-2 1/2″) curling iron.

Section or part your hair the way you like it, I have mine with a bigger section to my right because that’s how it feels right for me.

Brush or smooth out the first section, my hair is too nappy to brush when dry so I just run my fingers in it slightly to smooth out any curls that may be trying to stick out.

While holding this section out and up (diagnally) SPRAY IT WITH HAIRSPRAY! Spray the front, back, and ends. Don’t drench it, just get enough on it to keep the hair together and keep it from falling while curling it. Hold it there for a minute so the hairspray is pretty dry- otherwise your hair will stick to the curling iron when you go to unroll it.

Lightly put the curling iron on your section of hair about half way up, but don’t let it close tightly utnil you get close to the ends or you will have creases in your hair. Once you get the curling iron as close to the ends as you can, curl down and towards the back of your hair. Stop about half way and lightly spray the hair you haven’t curled yet, then continue the curl with the curling iron until it is barely touching your head. Lightly spray again.

Hold the curling iron there just long enough to make the curl (depends on how good your curling iron is). DO NOT unroll the curling iron, instead you want to loosen your pull on the curl (not so close or tight to your head), continuously open and close the curling iron to loosen the grip as you very carefully pull the curling iron from the curl, using your free hand to keep the curl in its place.

Hold it in place with one hand and spray it with the other. This is where you can make any small adjustments in position.

Set it in place with bobby pins. I start with one in the front then one in the back, so the back doesn’t frizz or fall out. Then take another bobby pin and put it next to one you already placed, but this time cross it over the other one- this helps to lock them in place.

One more spray down with the hairspray to make sure it stays and your done!- Well at least I am. Many of you will have to use that big curling iron and curl the back, but since my hair is curly, I don’t like taking any more time on it than I already do, and because I don’t want my fried hair to fall off (again…)- I am done at that point! It does take practice but I hope this can help save someone a little frustration. Also, the hairstyle on my “About Rockabelle Bombshell” page- I call my “CHEATER ROLLS” because those are just twisted and pinned when I’m in a hurry or not at home.


About Rockabelle Bombshell

I am a single mom of a 13 yr old boy and 6 yr old girl. I love DIY projects of all types, and everything Rockabilly! I love the Icons of the 50's, as well as classic cars, pinups, retro appliances and decor, and victorian gothic furniture. I think of myself as a tattooed 1950's transplant... definitely born in the wrong era! I love thrifting and "junking"- I rarely see junk, I see things for their possibilities! I started this blog to document my DIY adventures as I attempt to upcycle and recreate my furniture and home decor, add a Rockabilly touch to as much clothing as I can, make life fun for my kids, and share my love of Rockabilly!

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